The Lost Art of Writing a Thank You Note

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. A Thank You Note has somewhat become a lost art. Emails and text messages may be efficient, but nothing beats the sincerity of a written note.

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Now, back to our topic!

Every man should cultivate gratitude. Yet, if you do not know how to express it, it can be pretty much useless, right? A man must show his appreciation to those around him at every chance he gets. A Thank you note is just one of the many ways to do that.

Thank You Note
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As a bookshop owner, I make sure I include a personal Thank You letter in my orders. I also email one for every new patron who signs up on my Patreon. I also remember spending the whole day writing Thank You emails back then I was doing the fundraiser. It is not just proper etiquette – it is also a great way to conduct business as it sets you apart from the rest.

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How to Write a Thank You Note

Show Your Gratitude

Start by expressing your gratitude for the gift or service. Make your opening line modest yet sincere. If you received money, use another indirect term for it.


  • Thank you so much for your kindness. I appreciate it.

Mention Specific Details

If you are writing for an event like an interview, be specific on what you enjoyed about it. If it’s a gift, tell the recipient how you plan to use it. The same goes for money.


  • Your pasta is divine. It was one of the best meals I had.
  • Your generosity goes a long way in helping me through college.

Include Some Bit About Your Life

If you are making thank you messages for friends and family, add some news about your life. I’m sure they would love to hear what you have been up to lately. So if appropriate, include a brief sketch about your life in your thank you note.

Refer to the Past and Allude to the Future

Make your Thank You message more thoughtful by adding memories and prospects. If you are writing for a gift, include something you look forward to. If it’s an event, mention the past and allude to the future.


  • It was great to see you at the party. I hope we can do it again.
  • I hope to see you soon.

Repeat your Thanks

Reaffirm your gratitude to make it more sincere.


  • Again, thank you for your gift.


Choose your valediction well. Avoid sounding too formal or over the top. I find these perfect:

  • Kindest regards
  • Warmest regards
  • Best regards

How to thank someone for their kindness is not that hard. There is no actual need for grand gestures of affection. You simply have to make it simple and let your sincerity speak for itself.

how to thank someone for their kindness
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Gratitude puts us in the right relationship with others. It is the value that we best understand and relate with, and thus, we do everything we can to cultivate. So, the next time you want to express your appreciation, why not say it through a note!

If you have any suggestions on how to write a Thank you note, I’d love to hear all about it in the comment section! Don’t forget to check out my other guides and how-tos.

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For courage and freedom!

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  1. Well done Mr. A. When we express gratitude with a written note, we are reaching out and connecting in a way other forms of communication cannot replicate. We are expressing the sentiment that someone’s actions are beyond just special.


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