The Barbarian Book Club’s Book of The Month: 1984 – George Orwell

The year 1984 has come and gone, but George Orwell’s terrifying negative utopia lives on till today.  It spawned countless adaptations and similar stories like V for Vendetta, Minority Report, and Cloud Atlas. Set in Airstrip One under Oceania and ruled by the “Party” led by Big Brother. The novel’s protagonist is a diligent, rank... Continue Reading →


Wake Up And Smell the Paper!

Greetings fellow barbarian! First, let me ask If anyone of you guys have a book that definitely shaped your life? Or a book that entertained you so much that you have read it more than once? Do you have any recommendations for friends and family? What genre do you love and who is your favorite... Continue Reading →

Mr. A’s Mixtape Vol.1

01. Why Try To Change Me Now (Fiona Apple) Favorite line: “Why can't I be more conventional People talk People stare So I try But that's not for me” 02. Desperado (Eagles) Favorite line: “Now, it seems to me some fine things Have been laid upon your table But you only want the ones that you... Continue Reading →

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