10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To My Patreon

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I know. It is another lengthy post in promoting my Patreon , but please bear with me. 

Notable works like the Mona Lisa took more than a day to finish, and for sure, it was not for free. It took Da Vinci time and effort to complete, and it cost him money to buy paint and supplies. He always sought employment with patrons who would allow him to pursue his interests. If not for his patrons, like Medici and King Francis I of France, Da Vinci’s works would not be possible. 

Much like Da Vinci, I am seeking to make a living by doing my craft.

Do not get me wrong; I am nothing compared to the magnificence of Da Vinci. I am nothing but a solo dad who is doing everything he can to provide for his daughter and follow his dreams. 

I started writing to express myself. I was in a rough patch, and I am trying to make sense of what is happening. It was nothing groundbreaking, and I am not getting any views, but I did everything I can to hone my craft. All I wanted was to be proud of my work.

One afternoon I spent reading with my daughter.

The year 2020 is a rough year, not just for us but for everybody else around the world. To earn some money during the lockdown, I got scammed. Then around June last year, I found out that we are about to go homeless unless we could cough up 1.4 million pesos. 

Now, it seems like it is inevitable, and I am preparing myself for the future. I am out looking for work and other means of making money. 

A typical Filipino earns at least 6,600 pesos per month, which is roughly 130 US dollars. As of now, I am making 2,900 pesos per month on Patreon . If I could make more than that, I would be more than happy. It would mean so much to us.

But of course, you would not simply hand me money for doing nothing. So here are ten valid reasons why you should subscribe to my Patreon

  1. Get the chance to know me up close. My Patreon posts are more of a personal affair than here in the blog. I talk about stuff I do not usually talk about here. If you are curious and desire to know me more as a person, check out my Patreon.
  2. Get access to content you cannot get anywhere else. One of my reward perks on Patreon is the all-access pass. Get access to exclusive content, photos, and behind-the-scenes. Dive into my creative process, see my writing schedules and previews. 
  3. Have some creative control over the blog. You get to choose what you need to see on the blog. I would perform challenges and take on requests. Your every wish is my command. 
  4. Dedicate all my posts in your name. I will include your name in the credits of every post and promote your business here on the blog. 
  5. Hang out with me and ask me questions. Join my monthly Q&A, where you can ask me any questions. If you need to talk, feel free to send me a message. 
  6. It would help me make better content. Your subscriptions motivate me in writing, plus I spent some of the money I get on my topics. With the money you are giving, I get to try out stuff and review products. I get to showcase what my city and the Philippines have to offer.
  7. It would help me improve the blog. With your help, I could get a dot com domain name and afford the premiums. I could avail professional writing tools. I could enroll in workshops so I could provide more helpful content.
  8. It would help us pay our bills and put food on our table. I wish I am making the same money as people on YouTube, but the reality is I am not. I am not looking to buy a mansion or a luxurious car. I am not asking for too much, just enough to help us pay rent and some groceries. It may sound like I am leeching off others, but writing is legitimate work.
  9. It would help us afford better health care. 2020 is an eye-opener. Suddenly, everything changed, and health care became our priority. With your subscriptions, my daughter and I can afford health care in a time of a pandemic. It would allow us to get to the doctor without worrying how much it would cost our savings. 
  10. It would help in sending my kid to school. My kid is my priority, and I am doing this because of her. I will make sure that I could provide for her hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Being a solo parent is tough and raising her by myself without any help from the other parent is difficult. Your subscription would be a valuable help in providing her a bright future.
An alpaca that my daughter painted. This is what I am working for.

I am not asking for much. I have no aspirations for lavish mansions and a flamboyant lifestyle. But I do have a vision of my daughter filled with pride because of me. Please do me a favor and check out my Patreon; you do not have to subscribe yet. Hit the link and see if you like what you see. If you wanted to help and see my work as something of value, then be a patron and support a dream. It would be of great help to us!

To courage, freedom, and blogging!

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To My Patreon

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  1. Hmm… I tried to sign up now that I’m in a bit of a better financial position myself and Patron isn’t letting me! I’m not sure whether it’s Patron or whether it’s the weather (heavy rain and wind here) but I will keep trying. It won’t be one of your most expensive levels but I hope even a little support can help 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey Mr.A! Please don’t mention it, I am happy to help 😊 I have indeed already enjoyed interacting with you and getting to know you through Patron!


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