TMI Tuesday #120

Friends = _____

Friends = Treasure. Reliable friends are hard to come by these days. For me, the word friend has a degree of weight to it. If ever I see one as a friend, I would go to great lengths to honor and cherish that friendship. I cannot imagine life without my friends; they are my source of strength. In a time where wealth and intimacy can surely disappear, a faithful friend is invaluable. 

I’m done with _____.

Nothing. You never truly finish something, and everything is a work in progress. That is what most people get wrong. We all fall to the illusion of someday. Someday, the situation will get better, that it will be over. Life is a constant struggle or celebration. Everything is in a continuous shift, and nothing stays the same. What you think may be done today may come.

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I’m ready for _____.

I am ready to move forward. With where I am, I have no other place to go but to move forward. As the days pass, losing our house is becoming more probable. I am starting to take steps in making sure we can still go on after that. I am out looking for work and other means to make money. I am planning my content and promoting my Patreon on my platforms. If you want to help us out in moving forward, click the link to my Patreon. You do not have to subscribe yet. Check it out and see if you like my content. If you find it helpful, then be a patron.

The oldest _____ I have is _____.

The oldest books I have are The Gunslinger and Drawing of the Three from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Both are second editions, and both took a while to get. I am a Stephen King fanboy, and The Dark Tower got me hooked into reading. If I have a valuable book in my collection, it is those two. 

Take some ___, mix it all, and you have ___.

I cannot think of something witty to answer this. Take some chicken wings, flour, salt, pepper, butter, and Frank’s Red Hot, and you have a smiling Mr. A.,

Bonus: Tonight I am looking forward to ___, and tomorrow I want to ___!

Tonight, I am looking forward to getting some sleep, and tomorrow, I must work! I am looking forward to landing a job soon.

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