What You Did Yesterday is Meaningless

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Your reputation is everything, and you protect it at all costs. Your previous triumphs define who you are. You cannot help but take pride in your past achievements and who would not be. Other men look at your impressive reputation and judge you according to that. 

Most of the time, your reputation is meaningless.

But what if I tell you that most of the time, your reputation is meaningless. In an ocean of fleeting emotions, your reputation is insignificant. You could be perfect for ten years, but if you are an asshole for 30 seconds, the world will act as you have always been one. 

Let me share a story about a time I had a verbal dispute with someone in the comment section. It was when I was still doing my fundraiser. Some guy felt the need to call me out by pointing out a photo of me cleaning some shoes. He started questioning the legitimacy of the fundraiser and my credibility. 

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He proceeded to tell me that he worked in the U.S. Department of Defense as if I am supposed to be scared of him or something. Frankly, it sounded like a feeble attempt to make me stop, and it failed. His reputation did not matter; all that mattered was he was acting like an asshole. He questioned who I am even though I explained everything and told who I am on my fundraiser page. If only he bothered to read and comprehend the post. 

Your Reputation is Meaningless

Never use your reputation as an excuse. To your present failings, your past success means nothing. Do not downplay your misgivings by referring to your perfect track record. If you let somebody down right now, it does not matter if you have not let them in the past. If you offended someone by accident or by intent, you apologize now. 

The Mistake That Most Men Do

It is a widespread misconception that most men make. They use their good name as an excuse for poor behavior. If ever they make a mistake, they use their past deeds to get off the hook. Own up to your transgressions and never refer to your reputation. Your past is the basis of who you are today, not an excuse you make. 

Any attempt to use your reputation as an excuse will end up sounding like a futile attempt to stay relevant.

Any attempt to use your reputation as an excuse will end up sounding like a futile attempt to stay relevant. It will sound as if you are begging the other person for some form of consideration. If you make a mistake, apologize, learn your lesson and move on. 

Using your reputation as an excuse only damages your character and integrity. You cheapen the reputation you worked far for by doing so. 

Benching 500lbs while you are in high school may be an astonishing feat. But otherwise irrelevant now that you are 50 and barely get off the couch. Your past accomplishment is no doubt worthy of praise, honor, and respect. Yet, stop living in your glory days and focus on what is in front of you for your sake. After all, what you did yesterday is meaningless.

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9 thoughts on “What You Did Yesterday is Meaningless

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  1. Hahaha! Funny that he had to flex his affiliations with the Defense Department just to try and scare you. =))

    From the looks of that, it sounds like one of those memes teenagers would typically send to their peers to scare them off (e.g. mentioning affiliations with the military or some government office).

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  2. This is an absolutely fantastic and very meaningful peace, Mr. A, and so relatable to some things going on in my personal life at the moment. I promise I’ll link somehow at some point, this deserves a bigger audience 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Helen! Sorry for not reaching out immediately for our collab. I’ve been so busy lately. Hopefully, I could catch a drift soon. I’ll email you as soon as I can.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries, Mr A. I’d completely forgotten myself, to be honest. My brain has been flooded as of late (I’ve literally just sent an important email that has been on my mind all month haha). I will put a note my my memo board though!

        Liked by 1 person

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