The Alchemy of Lust: Transforming Desire into Gifts

The Alchemy of Lust is a transformative approach to sexual desire that seeks to turn it into a source of healing and rejuvenation for both the individual and the world. This philosophy encourages men to circulate their sexual energy throughout their bodies instead of dissipating it through mental fantasies. By doing so, men can unlock a heightened state of creativity and productivity that can enrich all aspects of their lives.

What happened in April 2023?

April 2023 has been a month of transformation for me, with both highs and lows. Despite losing our house, we have moved into a smaller one, and my daughter has ended the school year with high achievements. However, I was also laid off, which made me question my skills and worth. Despite it all, spending time with friends and loved ones has been my refuge, and I even got back into playing Magic: The Gathering. I'm grateful for everything and excited to see what the future holds.

What happened in February 2023?

February was a month of love and grand gestures, but it was also a time of coping with grief, loss, and longing. This month's roundup provides encouragement and hope for those struggling. Click here to read more.

Allow Older Women to Use Their Magic

Any romantic or platonic relationship can benefit from a deeper understanding and perspective of older women. Men should understand that beauty is not just skin deep as women age. Understanding and respecting these differences is crucial rather than making assumptions or comparisons. An older woman can be a valuable ally who can help a man grow and evolve into his true self. Click here to read more.

Delight in the Vibrancy of a Woman

Women and their vibrancy are never in short supply. You often complain about how you can't seem to catch a break with a woman or in life. But the truth is your relationship with women and outlook in life is unhealthy. 

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