What happened in February 2023?

February was a month of love and grand gestures for many, but it was also a time of coping with grief, loss, and longing for me. As time passes, I realize that life is more than love and passion. It is also about dealing with pain and sorrow. We must acknowledge that life is not just about the highs but also the lows. It is about learning to navigate challenging times with the strength to keep moving. It is about coping with sadness and finding joy in seemingly insignificant moments. In this month’s roundup, I discuss my recent experiences.

With March approaching, I hope to find the strength to face whatever comes my way. Pain and sorrow are a part of life, and learning how to deal with them healthily is essential. I’m writing this month’s roundup to provide encouragement and hope for those struggling. Let us toast and greet March with open hearts and minds.

What happened in February?

For most people, February is a month of love. It is a time to celebrate love with your partner; if not, it is the most appropriate time to make a grand gesture of love. During this month, most people get their fill of passion, warmth, and the joy of being in love.

But February can be daunting for someone like me who recently lost a loved one. I must deal with too many emotions: grief, loss, regret, pain, and longing. It is not easy, but I’m still trying. So without further ado, here are the highlights of February.


February started with these candles arriving in the mail. Since Claire passed, I’ve been lighting candles daily to remember her. There is something meditative about the combination of flickering light, heat, and the smell of essential oils. I enjoyed it so much that it became a part of my daily routine.

Mood Candle PH

These candles are from Mood Candles PH. I’ve tried them for months, and these candles have been phenomenal. They last long, are not messy, and come in fantastic scents. I particularly love their sandalwood candle.

If you want to try them out, here is a link to their Shopee page.

MacBook Air

This February, I finally got my hands on a new laptop. As it turns out, I did an outstanding job at work last December, and as a reward, they gave me a MacBook Air M1. I’m already thankful that I have a job to support my child. Most places reward you with more work when you do a great job. It is nice to be where they truly appreciate your diligent work.

MacBook Air M1

As for the MacBook Air, the first thing I will say about it is that it is not cheap. Luckily, the store had a promo, so I got it at a much lower price. The Retina display with True Tone technology is perfect for writers who spend most of their time in front of a screen. If you want me to write a review of the MacBook Air M1, please comment below.

MacBook Air M1

Valentine’s Day

February means Valentine’s Day. Claire meant a lot, and dealing with her passing is not easy. That made this year’s Valentine’s day a bit sad. It brought up a lot of grief and loss. Whenever I encountered a place or activity that reminded me of her, I cried.

Despite the grief and loss, I tried to relive her memories for this year’s Valentine’s day. Accompanied by my daughter, I visited places Claire and I frequently see. I had lunch at her favorite restaurant and ordered the same food as we used to.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

I miss her a lot, and on days I miss her so much, I go out of my way to love myself just as well. Loving myself is not always easy, and sometimes it is even impossible. But this February, I did what I could to do that.

Meatplus Cafe

Smoking Update

I’m ashamed to admit this, but I relapsed into my old smoking pattern this February. This month has been a whirlwind of emotions. I wake up exhausted most days and never want to leave the bed. One moment I’m okay, then the next, I’m crying. I know that it is not enough to make an excuse.

I took a few days off from work to recuperate and hope to figure things out. Everything happens so fast, and it is a bit overwhelming. I needed to stop a bit and rest, remind myself of things that matter. I must make a solid effort and walk the extra mile to care for myself. I hope things get back on track this March.

February Roundup

So that’s it. That’s how February turned out. I hope you have a pleasant time reading about it. If you have any comments or tips for a more successful March, I would love to hear about them. Cheers! See you again next time!


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  1. Mr.A! You spoil me with your attention. How delightful it was to wake today and discover you’ve found me on my new site. Welcome my friend!

    I’m sending you massive hugs across the oceans, and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Losing Dad was hard enough, and seeing my Mum lose her partner of 30+ years made me appreciate what I have. I am glad, though, that you are taking care of yourself to the best of your abilities. Remember that there is no need to be perfect, “just okay” and “surviving” are necessary sometimes too. Take good care of yourself, however that may be!


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