Get Other People to Say Yes!

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! Rejection is a part of life; that is true, right? And it is also true that rejection hurts. When we love someone, we need them to love us too: right? Their yes means the whole world to us. While some can manage rejection well, not all can, is... Continue Reading →

The Barbarian Book Club: Book of the Month (January 2021): The Stand – Stephen King

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! It is 2021, a new year with new plans. I made a new segment where I interviewed some people about their work. It is quite exciting if you ask me. But as existing as it may be, I still would not abandon my usual segments.  The Barbarian Book... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #107

When was the last time you tried something new? I need to do something soon. I have been in a bit of a funk lately; I am so overwhelmed, and I am tired. A lot has been happening in the background, and it is starting to affect my well being. I guess doing the same... Continue Reading →

100 Things About Me

I am Arnie, commonly known as Mr. A on this side of the internetI am currently 34 years of age; my birthday is in June.I am from the humble city of Olongapo in the PhilippinesI am of Filipino descentI am the eldest of three siblings; I got a brother and a sister.I am a solo... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #105

What a way to start the year! Gemmi’s questions are always fun! What was the best part of your holiday season? I knew you heard it from my previous posts, but the best part of my holiday was my friends. A few friends from far away decided to send my daughter some books and art... Continue Reading →

What Happened in December…

Greetings! Long days and pleasant nights. First off, I want to greet you with a Sparkling and Joyous New Year! 2020 is now over, and I am glad that we somehow made it. It was tough, and there are times where it feels like everything is about to crumble, but we persevere. You would not... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #104

This marks the last TMI for 2020! Thank you for all the randomness and support. See you again next year! What is the dumbest thing you are reading and writing right now? (uh-huh I know what you are thinking :p) Not currently reading but I am planning to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving... Continue Reading →

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