Delight in the Vibrancy of a Woman

Women and their vibrancy are never in short supply. You often complain about how you can't seem to catch a break with a woman or in life. But the truth is your relationship with women and outlook in life is unhealthy. 

Barbell Rows: How to Build a Bulletproof Back Right Now

Aren't you tired of doing a row exercise that doesn't seem to work? Despite spending countless hours at the gym, you still don't see any improvement. To make things worse, you still find yourself hunched back. You have insufficient strength even to hold your torso upright. What you need is to level up your arsenal with barbell rows.

Try To See Other’s Points of View

Having compassion for others' viewpoints is the foundation of relationships. Stop focusing on your concerns. Take a minute to try to see things from other people's perspectives. It would surprise you to see that even you would feel the same way.

You Need to Match Her Energy

As a man, you must be able to match your woman with love equal to her energy. You can't be stuck in, or avoid, any areas of your life, or she will test you. You would only fit hers once you establish confidence. Click here to read more.

What Happened in July 2022?

Here we are again for another monthly round-up at the blog. I enjoy creating this content as I can shift gears from my usual topics. Taking a break every once in a while does the mind wonders, don’t you think? Click here to read more.

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