TMI Tuesday #29

  When you have experienced sexual difficulty, how did you overcome it? Once, I dated someone who does not like me using the word “fuck”. It kinda messed up my head, that I started to walk on eggshells. I really like this person, but I couldn’t seem to overcome it. I think that's when the... Continue Reading →


The Art of War: Weak Points and Strong

"Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected. " Greetings Barbarians, good days and pleasant nights! I hope that all is well and that your days are full of courage and freedom. As we all know, good looks are always relative like the other... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #28

It's TMI Tuesday. They ask, I simply answer! What qualities of do you like and dislike about yourself? I guess I like the fact that I’m well rounded and self-reliant man, what I don’t like about myself is that I’m poor. But that really isn’t a bad thing if you ask me. If you had the... Continue Reading →

Two Weeks…

"I could see it as you turned to stone Still clearly I can hear you say Don't leave, don't give up on me Two weeks and you ran away I remember don't lie to me You couldn't see that it was not that way Swear I never gave up on you" - All That Remains... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #27

Fill random curiosities, play TMI Tuesday. What curse word do you use the most? “Fuck” and “Putangina” from my native language. Would you rather take a picture or be in a picture? Both, I love taking selfies!   Has anyone ever called you lazy? Why did they say that? My mom, well I guess that’s... Continue Reading →

The Art of War: Energy

"When he utilizes combined energy, his fighting men become as it were like unto rolling logs or stones. For it is the nature of a log or stone to remain motionless on level ground, and to move when on a slope; if four-cornered, to come to a standstill, but if round-shaped, to go rolling down."... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #26

Hey sexies! Welcome to TMI Tuesday! What are your romantic needs? A good understanding of me, that I am a man of mission and duties. That romance is only secondary to that. I think that the reason why men cheat is that they have an unfulfilled mission and having to seek romance after romance in... Continue Reading →

Its gonna shine on…

"Give me a word Give me a sign Show me where to look Tell me what will I find" - Collective Soul (Shine) Greetings Barbarians! I come with good tidings as well a confession… Today, I will confess to you all my faithful readers that I am a very sensory type of person whether it... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #25

TMI Tuesday is up! Let’s go…write, post, read, comment. Go! How do you spend most of your time? I spend most of the time fathering and hustling, having a bit of time for writing, reading, and mingling. A bit of contemplating on what to write and how to be better. Is this where you thought... Continue Reading →

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