The Rebel Without a Cause (5 Ways to Wear a T-shirt)

“I don’t want any trouble.” – Jim Stark (Rebel Without a Cause)

Hey you! Yes, you. The one in front of the screen right now. I got a question for you if I ask you to take a picture of your closet or your wardrobe and send it to me; would you? If I ask you to take me for a tour of your closet, would you allow me to? If your answer is “no way!”, can I ask why? Is it full of clutter? Filled with stuff you have not worn for over a year or so? If so, then this post for you.

I remember the time when my closet is filled with dozens of t-shirts of every size and every color. Band shirts, slogan shirts, brand name shirts, oversized shirts; I got it all. My closet is a complete mess and having a hard time minimizing the clutter. I got a dozen of t-shirts that I only get to wear twice or thrice until I figure out a smarter way in dressing up myself. I thought of having a carefully selected piece of clothing that could be put together with other pieces of clothing seamlessly. I began to educate myself about style and applied things that I learned, so today I wanted to talk about the humble t-shirt, and how I wear it.

The basic crisp plain white t-shirt is definitely one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a man could ever have. From its humble beginnings as an undergarment to the iconic outfit James Dean worn in Rebel without a cause, the humble t-shirt proved itself to be an essential in every man’s wardrobe. Here in the warm and sunny Philippines, it comes to no surprise that the t-shirt has become our #1 to go outfit. We wore it with a variety of ways, ranging from different prints, patterns, and c

There is countless way on how to wear a t-shirt, you could wear it as is or you could layer it; you could wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and etc. Here are a few examples of how I would wear a simple plain t-shirt:

  • The “Basic” Outfit (T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers) – As the name implies, this is the most basic way to rock the t-shirt. The outfit consists of a plain white t-shirt, a dark washed slim fit jeans, and a sneaker; It has a very chill and relaxed feel to it, and ideal for lazy Sundays and trips to the grocery.


  • The “Rough and Rugged” Outfit (T-shirt, Jeans, Boots, Casual Button Down Shirt) – An updated version of the “Basic”, swapping out the sneakers with a casual boot and layer with a casual long sleeve shirt. Great for daytime errands and hanging out with friends.


  • The “We’ve been dating for quite a while” Outfit (T-shirt, Jeans, Boots, Sports Jacket) – A more slick and sensible update of the “Basic” outfit for the evening. Great for casual dinner with friends or dates, an evening stroll at the park, or movie dates.


  • The “Smexy” Outfit (T-shirt, Chinos, Loafers, Sports Jacket) – A smarter and sexier version of the “We’ve been dating for quite a while” outfit, in my opinion. Swapping out the jeans and boots with a pair of chino and loafers. Can be worn during the day and evening.


  • The “Rebel” Outfit (T-shirt, Chinos, Loafers, Denim Jacket) – The most interesting and daring ensemble, I love the varying degree of casualness in this outfit. It requires a certain level of confidence to pull it off, but the rebelliousness of the outfit is somewhat rewarding. Wear it with caution.


Tips on wearing a t-shirt:

  • Nail the Fit Aim for a close fit, not skin tight and not loose; this applies to all your pieces of clothing.
  • Accessorize T-shirts on its own are fairly simple pieces of clothing, time to spruce it up with accessories. But avoid looking ridiculous by over accessorizing, a simple but timeless sunglasses or timepiece, may throw in a casual bracelet would suffice.
  • Wear white to shine, wear black to hide White makes your features appear bigger, and black has the tendency to make your features appear smaller; Use it to your advantage.
  • Experiment with a different type of collars Round necks, and V-necks are the most popular types of collars for the t-shirt. Round necks have a more classic look, makes your shoulder appear wider; Ideal for those who have a narrow face. V-necks, on the other hand, are a more casual option and adds a bit more of visual interest. V-necks are ideal for those with a rounder body shape, wider facial features, and modest stature.
  • Go cheap, especially on white t-shirts – T-shirts are great for everyday casual wear, so do not be surprised if they got stained, smelled funky, or worn out. There is really no need to go expensive on any t-shirt.

Personally, I love my t-shirts in v-necks and in plain solid colors; more on the neutral palette like gray and white. I tend to wear this when I go outside and try to stay away from my beloved heavy metal shirts wearing them only when I am hanging out inside the house.


Yep, still my favorite shirt… (Mr. A circa 2014)

T-Shirts are a great start to one’s style journey due to its simplicity and versatility, its cheap, easy to wear and timeless. Learning a great deal about t-shirts and knowing how to use them can elevate any man’s style game to a new level; knowing when to dress it up or to keep it simple through experimentation, knowing what style looks good on you.

To summarize, t-shirts are an essential to any man’s wardrobe especially to those who live in warmer climates. Knowing how to wear it is a sure-fire way to be stylish and sexy, so learn and experiment with how to style a t-shirt and be ready for the compliments.

16 thoughts on “The Rebel Without a Cause (5 Ways to Wear a T-shirt)

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    1. I would go shirtless any day if you ask me! Hehehehe 😁
      I dubbed it as the rebel because of its varying degrees of casualness. It is daring as it opposes conventional style rules while maintaining an “I know what im doing” kind of vibe. 😉

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  1. I participated in a “Fast Fashion Diet” last year. Slightly unsuccessfully. It entailed not buying any clothing from a regular retailer at all with the exception of underwear, shoes and swimwear. You were allowed to purchase from market stalls and Op Shops (recycled clothing). It was an interesting time. Needless to say I was VERY ready to trade in my t-shirt collection for a new set of graphic t’s from Tee Turtle as a Christmas present from my husband.

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