Year One…

“A celebration
About time
A generation out of line yeah!
The revolution’s in everyone” – Unwritten Law (Celebration Song)

It has been a year since I have written my first post, I remember being too happy with the 31 visitors with 0 likes and 0 comments I had that month. My earlier posts were a bit of introspection and self-rediscovery, I figure that if I wanted to write then I should write about myself first, to be able to have a direction to where I’m going and to be able to put pieces of myself in every word.

Once I got the hang of it, I branched out to different topics that I found myself very enthusiastic about like men’s style, fitness, and lifestyle. I also started a very ambitious series about Sun Tzu’s classic, The Art of War. By the way, I am not claiming to be an expert on any of those topics but rather an enthusiast. I am just someone found these topics interesting and try to apply it in his everyday life. Now that we got that cleared, let’s proceed. As my anniversary post, I wanted to do a roundup of things that have happened to this blog over the span of 1 year. I knew my stats are a bit mediocre but I am kind of proud of what I have accomplished. So without any more delay, let us begin.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts

  1. The Art of War: Waging War
  2. Pride and Pre(duties)
  3. 100 Things About Me
  4. 6 Ways to Overcome Social Awkwardness
  5. Wake Up And Smell the Paper!

5 Post that I Enjoyed Writing

  1. Dying Will Be The Death Of Me
  2. The Rebel Without A Cause (5 Ways to Wear a T-shirt)
  3. Two Weeks…
  4. It’s All About the Money, money, money…
  5. Bloom Where You Are Planted

Top 5 Most Talked About Post

  1. What is Love… Baby Don’t Hurt Me, No More…
  2. Wake Up And Smell the Paper!
  3. The Gratitude List
  4. Pride and Pre(duties)
  5. The Art of War: Waging War

Top 5 Most Talkative Friends

  1. Franni @ thecandiiclub
  2. Gina @ Singeldust
  3. Theresaly @ Culture Shocks
  4. Suzanne @ Ellie894
  5. Beatrix B @ ThePinkseam

Top 5 Countries Where I’m Sorta Famous

  1. United States
  2. Philippines
  3. Spain
  4. India
  5. United Kingdom

Special Thanks…

  1. tmituesdayblog – Tuesdays are always a blast, I have always been a fan of your prompt since the days of L’s Diary. Thank You!
  2. Leslie @ Inside the Satchel – There’s really no need to say anything, but thank you for everything.
  3. Anna Vill, Jiorgio, Jason Von – Friendships! I’ve made it. Thank you! Lovers come and go, but friends stay…


  1. Kris @ The Hungry Boys
  2. Athena @ The English Introvert
  3. Kitten @ Sir and kittens Pleasure Palace
  4. Ms. Kiki @ Brainbabble
  5. Kalliope @ Modern Mystic Mother
  6. Bryan @ A Crack in the Pavement
  7. Colin @ Submerge

And for the rest of my 725 followers, Thank you! I cannot express how much I am thankful for making a simple dad from a quaint little beach town in the Philippines really happy. Writing has provided me with more than escape; it provided me with a means to reinforce the resolve. It reminded me that there are better days ahead, much like my journal back when I was in therapy. I know that things are tough but we all know the tough days don’t last. Writing also provided me with a means to be perfectly candid about myself, and live with of FREEDOM and COURAGE more. It also forced me to be more proactive in life, reading more, doing more, and experiencing more, in order to write more. Take the first step into things that I wanted to write about. Overall writing has given me to live life with more zazz, I have enjoyed the process of writing and the joy of interaction in the comment section.

So what to expect in the future from this blog? To be honest, I don’t know. We all know that things change. But I do know that right now, I just want to keep on writing about a variety of topics that might delight or shock you. But I promise to keep it manly nonetheless, with as much authenticity, integrity, courage, and freedom that I could muster.

Again, Thank you, everyone, for your patronage!

Here’s me ugly mug saying “Cheers!”



52 thoughts on “Year One…

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  1. To say “Congratulations” is an understatement for this milestone, but I’ll say it nonetheless because you deserve it. Thank you also Mr. A for allowing be to be a part of this journey of yours. It is an honor. May you always be inspired to write and be able to find the best words to reflect truth, passion, and courage so that you may also continue to inspire us, your readers and believers. Cheers to more years of meaning writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! You have experienced an amazing year, your words make me wonder how I will feel in in a few months when my first year expires. I have always enjoyed your honesty about life. Sending many blessings from America to the Philippines, and may the Force be with you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. congratulations! and thanks for the mention! you have come a long way and your style is evident and your brand. wishing you all the best in every aspect of your life. be blessed always. it has been a pleasure and honour to know you

    Liked by 2 people

      1. you are too kind! I can feel your excitement, when you have priorities in order life can be very promising! looking forward to more from you too!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. A wonderful read as always Mr. A! And a marvelous first year! Thank you for the kind nod 🌷. You are insightful, honest and always make me giggle a bit…all good things 😊. Cheers to you and best wishes for a journey only just begun. 🥂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Judy! Thank you, I did enjoy doing this entry. It felt like going back time and found myself being fascinated by some words. I was surprised that such words could come out from someone like me! 😄

      Again, thank you and cheers! 🍸

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… I woke up reading this and it put a grin on my face. 😏
      Thank you, porngirl! I’m in my early 30’s, so I guess im old enough. 😂

      Cheers! 🍸


    1. Hi Theresaly! I hope i could provide as much shock and wonders as much as I could! Hahahaha!

      Thank you! Year One has been great because of friends like you, I’m really grateful.


      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, a kindred spirit as far as method in doing a blog! I likewise make posts about whatever I feel at the time. I would like to be organized like some people, but honestly can’t don’t have the discipline. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more. Thanks for the follow; now I have broken sixty!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Rob! Thank you! I’m also surprised that I made it to 1 year of blogging. Blogging/writing is one of those things that I never imagined myself doing. But I’m glad I did it anyways.

      Cheers to you!

      Liked by 1 person

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