TMI Tuesday #127

Tell us about something you absolutely will not share.

Depending on whom I share it. But for safety and privacy’s sake, I will not share any intimate details of my personal life. I have learned to share what is necessary. It can be pretty scary; take it from a guy who got kink-shamed by his ex-wife. 

I also had plenty of follow requests on my personal Instagram that I declined. There are kinds of stuff in there that are for close friends only. I have an unfortunate experience of almost getting scammed on Instagram. A scammer posed as one of my blogger friends sent me messages for some cash grant.

She was getting pushy, so I started to get suspicious. I did some research, and things are starting to get sketchy. So, I emailed my friend and asked if she was the one talking to me on Instagram. After hearing from her, I reported the account and blocked it.

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What is something you do not like to share but will begrudgingly do so?

I hate sharing my feelings, especially if it is a sour emotion like anger or jealousy. As I grew older, I discovered how to manage my feelings. I avoid expressing my anger, but that does not mean I do not feel it. I refuse to get angry over meaningless stuff, and if ever I displayed it, it means I reached my tipping point. Complete mastery of action and emotion is one of the things a man should strive for. No one likes a man who can be swayed by a slight breeze. 

What tradition makes you feel at home?

Father’s day. Being a writer is only second compared to me being a father. Raising my daughter is my highest calling in life, and I would not have it any other way. Same as becoming a writer, many have their doubts about me raising a child.

The Philippines has a more traditional view on family structure. While solo parenting is not uncommon, a male solo parent is not typical. Philippine society expects men to work while women stay in the house. During my years of being a parent, I knew only one solo dad. My daughter is my home, and celebrating Father’s day makes me feel at home. 

Cormac McCarthy's The Road

What act/words/place makes you feel sexy?

Depending on the context, I love it when a woman touches my shoulders or my hips. But there are moments when I am irritated by it. I remembered an annoying encounter with an ex stroking my glutes. I love it when women touch me there. But at that moment, I was utterly annoyed but never said anything about it. 

Rank the following in order of compatibility you think you have with your significant other (or think about your most recent S.O.).

1 being most compatible, 5 being least compatible:

emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially, and sexually

I am currently available and ready to mingle. As for my relationship before, she was perfect. I would not divulge the details but, all I can say is that it was my fault. 

Bonus: If you had a 25-hour day what would you do with your extra hour?

Spend it on reading or playing with my daughter. Last weekend, I taught her how to play Magic: The Gathering. I told her that it was a game of Math and decision-making to which she finds fascinating. 

Jace vs. Vraska

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  1. I thought about the compatibility questions, I got reminded of how incompatible I am with my husband in almost every aspect 😀 bet we’re living examples of opposites attract 😀

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