TMI Tuesday #126

Describe your phone lock screen.

As someone with a background in technology, I am not much into customizations. Except for the brightness and battery-saving settings, I leave my phone as it is. I am boring when it comes to these kinds of things and try not to tinker about it too much.

My phone's boring lock screen.

What does your favorite coffee mug or teacup look like? Post a pic.

I am sure you already saw what my favorite mug is. It is my first ever merch as a blogger, and it reminds me of how far I have come in writing. I never imagined I would make any money from writing. Even at work, it always feels like a dream come true.

My favorite coffee mug.

Tell us about a regional food favorite of yours that you think the world simply must try.

A greasy and messy sizzling plate of Sisig! It is a traditional Kapampangan dish served as beer food. Made with pork cheek, ears, and belly, that is boiled, broiled, and grilled to perfection. Then, mixed with some onions and chilies served on a hot plate.

A messy, greasy, plate of Sisig.

How often do you journal?

I am still trying to balance my work schedule but, I love writing in my notebook. I write notes, musings, ideas, and pretty much what comes into my mind. Writing helped my mental state in more ways than I could imagine. I have come into terms with a lot of my baggage because of it. So, I try to write into my journal as much as I could.

My trusty journal and pen.

How often do you blog?

Same as journaling. I badly need this job so, I have to center my schedule around it. Now, I am working under Vancouver time which has a 15-hour difference from my timezone. With the time I have left, I try to squeeze in as much as I could. I apologize for my lack of correspondence lately, especially with my patrons.

Bonus: Does your blog act as your journal?

When I first started, yes. But, after my first year of writing, I begin to write value-added content for my readers. As much as I want to make this blog about me, I am not the most interesting man in the world to do that. Only disdainful narcissists make everything about themselves. I am happy with my readers, and that is all that matters to me. But of course, I try to put as much of my personality as I could in my posts. This TMI, for example, is supposed to make you feel that a person is writing these.

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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  1. Mr. A, thanks for sharing these reflections. Coffee always tastes better when served in your favorite mug. Perhaps I should do a post on my coffee mugs. As for journaling, most of my entries come from commenting on other blogs or writing thoughts from my morning devotions. I hope your job is going well.


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