The Barbarian Book Club: Book of the Month (January 2021): The Stand – Stephen King

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

It is 2021, a new year with new plans. I made a new segment where I interviewed some people about their work. It is quite exciting if you ask me. But as existing as it may be, I still would not abandon my usual segments. 

The Barbarian Book Club is one of the segments that I, without a doubt, enjoy. It is a monthly segment wherein I feature a book from my collection. I love reading, so it makes absolute sense that I write about what book I am reading. I love writing about how it made me feel and the lessons it imparted. 

So with overflowing joy, I will present you with the first Book of the Month for 2021!

Written by Stephen King and published in 1978, The Stand is a post-apocalyptic novel. Well regarded and considered as one of the greatest works of Mr. King. It has spawned two miniseries and a series of comic books. 

The story revolves around an influenza strain that wiped out most of the population. A handful of survivors unites into two factions – destined to confront each other; the Boulder Free Zone led by Mother Abigail against the Las Vegas faction led by Randall Flagg.

It tells the story of the survivors’ personal stories, their trials, and tribulations. It shows the intertwined journey of a group of survivors, drawn by a shared dream of a 108-year-old woman. Mother Abigail becomes the leader and establishes the Boulder Free Zone.

In Las Vegas, Randall Flagg attracts the survivors who yearn for order and stability. Las Vegas has the advanced infrastructure, security, and order but at a cost. Las Vegas is under the vicious rule of Randall Flagg. 

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The Stand is a brilliant novel expected from none other than the master of modern horror. It is a well-written story that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is a classic tale of good versus evil, with enough moral gray areas to keep it compelling. It has well-developed characters with relatable backstories. You cannot help but root to some of them, even those under the Las Vegas faction. The novel remains relevant today, the same as the day it was first published. It captivated both current and past readers alike – it has managed to endure time. A definite worth reading. 

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To Courage, Freedom, and The Stand!

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