Get Other People to Say Yes!

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Rejection is a part of life; that is true, right? And it is also true that rejection hurts. When we love someone, we need them to love us too: right? Their yes means the whole world to us. While some can manage rejection well, not all can, is it not right? What would we not give to get a yes?

In Honey, What You Do for Money, I talked about how I make a living as a content creator. There, I wrote about compelling writing – the importance of rational and heartfelt appeal. It is about expressing yourself and making them care about it. It is not enough to make them know; you have to relate to them. You always have to ask yourself, what is in it for them? Why should they read what you wrote? Why should they say yes?

Yes is a powerful word. Answering yes moves you forward in an affirmative direction. It opens you up to a more accepting mindset. 

Yes is more than just a word; it is acceptance and acknowledgment. Meanwhile, No is a handicap that is difficult to overcome. Answering no leaves no room for change; you have to remain consistent. Telling no puts your pride and personality on the line. Answering no is like declaring no to life; you refuse life and everything it has to offer. 

It is simple to answer yes, but the problem remains – how to get other people to say yes. 

When presenting your argument to people, begin by relating to them. Start with something they could answer yes. Begin with an irrefutable fact that is relevant to what you are telling. Do not begin with a negative answer; not even the most skilled speaker cannot recover from that.  Emphasize the points you agree with; there is no point in arguing. 

Now that you got your first yes reply – follow up with another yes. Proceed in getting another yes by presenting another logical argument – it has to make sense. Once you get two consecutive yes, you have set a forward-moving and open attitude. Whatever happens, do not tell people they are wrong. Your goal is to present an argument that makes rational and emotional sense. Keep asking questions that get a positive acknowledgment until they embrace the conclusion. 

People like to answer no because it gives them control and they do not like losing control. By making sense to them, you are putting them in a safe and open mindset. They would see that you are not taking control instead, wanting to work with them. You are not there to alienate them – you are there to help. 

He who treads softly goes far.

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To Courage and Freedom and answering Yes!

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  1. Well said Mr. A. Encouraging one affirmation, followed by another, and another, creates a positive attitude for further dialogue. Your philosophy would work well in Washington, DC right now. We need more opportunities to begin with a simple “yes” instead of a obstinate “no.”

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