TMI Tuesday #106

The first question relates to the photo above–what is it?

A piece of fresh salmon. It made me crave salmon Sashimi or pan-seared Salmon fillets with asparagus. I love to cook, especially on dates. Pan-seared salmon is one of the dishes I cook to impress the ladies. Cooking is an exceptional skill to learn; it is a survival skill and a great conversation starter. It is such a useful skill that I write about it now and then. If you want me to write more about food and cooking, please comment down below!

Should we be signaling our existence to alien life? Why?

No! Unless we know for sure that alien life exists, we should mind our business. What if they are hostile? If not, how can we present ourselves? With the current state of the world, what manner of impression we would give to them. Let us fix our problems first before we contact alien life because right now, we are in terrible shape. We barely know what we are doing; we cannot even solve poverty, corruption, and hunger. We cannot even discuss topics without going at each other’s throats. Unless we fix that, we are better off on our own.

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What is one thing you do not understand about yourself?

My utter stupidity. Despite what other people say, I will always consider myself stupid. Enough will never be enough, and I will always be outside looking in. At one point, I will always have a particular degree of self-loathing. No matter what people tell me, I will feel that way. I have heard people tell me how intelligent and wise I am, but I cannot see it. I have also heard women telling me how I am adorable and easy to love – all I see is someone despicable.

In the words of White Goodman, and it’s only your fault if you don’t hate yourself enough to do something about it.

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

I cannot think of any, does pizza and pasta count? It is not weird, but it is carbs on top of carbs. – it is just so goddamn satisfying. I cannot resist a sublime pizza Margherita, a delightful plate of pasta, and a bottle of beer to wash it all down. It is one of the uncomplicated pleasures of life – pizza, pasta, and beer. 

What are two of your go-to strategies to help make big decisions?

I consult my values and means; I also ask myself what variety of shit sandwich tastes the best. It is the reason why values are important; what exactly do you value in life? Does your life align with your values? Strength is what I value above all else – if I am making a decision, I always ask myself if this would make me stronger. Then I ask myself if I can do it? Do I have what it takes and what do I have to risk? Forget the reward; the only reward you get is you get to do it. 

Bonus: How replaceable are you?

Exceedingly replaceable. I am mature enough to accept that my worth is my use. To some people, I am the greatest thing since sliced bread; to others, I am the devil incarnate. That is a plain fact of life; you cannot expect your friends to stick around if you are an asshole to them. You cannot expect people to hand you anything just because you are you. You have to be better – you have to strive for excellence. 

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