Honey, What You Do for Money? (Content Creator Edition)

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I welcome you to the pilot episode of Honey, What You Do for Money? As promised, fresh content for the blog this 2021. I cannot contain my excitement – I am trying to brave new fronts. 

So, what is Honey, What You Do for Money? What do I intend to do?

I got the inspiration from The Ultimate Side Hustle Book by Elana Varon. I want to highlight my friends and their jobs. I figured that this is a splendid way to introduce my friends and talk about their hustle. 

For the first episode, let us talk about how I make a living as a content creator. How it started and what it takes to be competent. What perks, as well as the cons of creating content, are. 

I started out writing as a hobby that I enjoy after my extended hours from work. Writing enabled me to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It allowed me to slow down and contemplate life and everything that is happening. It was also a way for me to manage my depression and anxiety. 

When I started, I barely knew what I was doing. I have no background in writing content. I was a programmer; I never knew how to capture attention. So, one of the first investments I made was to teach myself how to write. Not just write but write in a manner that is intelligible yet elegant. 

I was able to find my voice that is brutally candid and classy at the same time. It took me a great deal of soul searching to find that creating content has become more than a passion but rather a dream. A dream that I never have growing up. 

Even with learning how to write, it still was not enough; I am not making any money. That all changed last year, COVID affected us, and I monetized the blog. Franky, I was a half-baked attempt out of desperation and fear. I needed a job, and it was not exactly falling out of the sky. I was having a difficult time landing a job; I decided to monetize. 

I am surprised by the stuff we could do out of fear and desperation. Of course, there is love – what would we become without love. I will always write from the deepest corner of my heart. It may sound cheesy; there is no other way to put it – love your fate.

What does it take to be a content creator?

You will need to have exceptional writing skills and storytelling abilities. You also need a vast knowledge of your subject matter. You also have to do a massive deal of research because you can never know enough. Content creation is a constant desire to know more and experience more. You can never stay in one place for an extended period; you must continue learning as you write. 

Also, when creating content, always consider your audience. Writing content is a personal undertaking. We write our heart’s content with every narrative, paragraph, and sentence. It is as intimate as it could get, but you have to think about your audience. There truly is a beauty in savagery, obscene, and profanities, but not all can appreciate it. It is not selling out but rather being aware of what you need to tell and to whom you need to say it. As a writer and content creator, it is my job to express myself. Yet, it is also my job to captivate my audience – the key is to find the balance between the two. You have to be an exceptional writer for you and your readers. 

What is exceptional writing?

For me, you have to present your content in a logical, rhetorical, grammatical manner. Appeal to the reader’s rational and emotional sense. It is not enough to be understood; it has to be relatable. If your readers are not feeling and thinking, then you have to dig deep when you write. 

Another thing, you also have to be aware of your sentence and paragraph length. When you read your sentence out loud, and you have to catch your breath midway, consider trimming it down. The thing is, if you can express your idea in ten words or less, then why use 15?

With that said, you should also mind your rhythm, tone, and flow. Again, when you read your sentence out loud, it must have a pleasing rhythm to it. If it sounds flat and dull, consider restructuring your sentence. It must have a form and structure, yet you have to make your words sing. Exceptional writing is all about maintaining a delicate balance between rigidity and flow. 

Writing is simple; you only need to write. But to be an exceptional writer, you have to juggle between beauty and comprehension. 

How to make money off writing content?

Personally, my primary source of income is Patreon. It is a subscription-based platform wherein readers can pledge to become a patron of the blog. In return, I am offering value-added bonuses from the blog. I set up polls, Q&As, and take on requests. I also write exclusive content as well as a sneak peek into my personal life. 

If you are interested in becoming a patron, please check out my Patreon!

Another way I make money is by selling my official merchandise. I recently launched my first official mug, and it has been selling exceedingly well. I am thinking of what my next merch would be. If you have any suggestions, please comment down below.

I also have some affiliate links, which is not bringing me any money- but it is still great to include. Who knows? Someday, one of you might sign up for my affiliate links. 

As for Ads, I still have not signed up for premiums, and if I were, I do not think it is because of the ads. I do not see ads are enough reason for me to pay for premiums. But if ever I get enough money, I would sign up to get a more professional domain name. 

And the most labor-intensive of them all, product placements. Hopefully, I could land one of these in the future. But to do so, I need to have an impressive following and traffic. For now, I can only hope to get product placement and keep on making content. 

So there you have it, the first episode of Honey, What You Do for Money? I hope you enjoyed reading about the inner working of my work as a content creator. If you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, comment down below. I would love to hear all about it!

Special thanks to my patrons for making today’s post possible. I could not do it without you; thank you for believing in me.

For Courage, Freedom, and Content Creation!

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  1. Man I have missed your content! I have been out doing what I love, writing my first book. Now that it is done and out of my hands I can now jump back into blogging. What do I do for money? I wrote a book. Though I do have a typical 8-5 job. Where I am a HR and Payroll clerk. I actually do a lot more than that, but that is my main job. My passion though is writing. I love what you are starting as always! Hope you are having a good day!

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