The Barbarian Book Club’s Book of The Month (May): The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

 Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! This may come as a surprise to you but I’m no optimist. Sure, I may radiate with brilliant optimism in my posts, but I am a realist. I observe the facts presented to me and plan a sound and reasonable hypothesis.  I measure success by the distance that... Continue Reading →

Never Criticize, Never Condemn, Never Complain (A.K.A. Stop Bitchin’)

“Bitch” – noun: a female dog, wolf, fox. (informal) a difficult or unpleasant situation or thing. – verb: express displeasure; grumble. Greeting Barbarian! Long days and Pleasant nights! Again, thank you my generous Barbarians for helping me reach a 1k followers. Mere words cannot express how much I appreciate you, in joining me on this... Continue Reading →

Wake Up And Smell the Paper!

Greetings fellow barbarian! First, let me ask If anyone of you guys have a book that definitely shaped your life? Or a book that entertained you so much that you have read it more than once? Do you have any recommendations for friends and family? What genre do you love and who is your favorite... Continue Reading →

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