Survival Guide: Where to Hit Someone for Most Damage

A bit of warning before we proceed; This post is for self-defense purposes only. If you want to hurt someone just because you wanted to, stop reading right now and get the hell out here. The world is already messed up and I will not tolerate conceited jackoffs and their need to hurt others. This... Continue Reading →

Collect Some Stars to Shine for You…

Greeting Barbarian! Long days and pleasant nights! Well, here we are again – a year older and a year wiser, stronger, and with more poise than ever. But glitz and glamour aside, my life is not of privileged but rather a story of survival. I came from a working-class background who happened to put my... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination #4

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! I am so blessed to have avid readers such as you guys. So, please know that my heart swells with gratitude, I'm so grateful for the appreciation you all gave to me. It warms my heart to read your comments and your messages on Twitter. For power to... Continue Reading →

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