Do It For Love – A Valentine’s Day Post

Greetings Barbarian! Long days and pleasant nights! Valentine’s day is fast approaching, I hope you all have dates but if not, I could take you out for a date on the 14th. To tell you the truth, I enjoy taking out a lady friend for a movie and dinner.  I never was one to give... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #60

Happy New Year everyone! I present to you the last TMI of the year, thank you for joining me in this fantastic year. Cheers to you! In 2019 did you Get a new job? Nah, I did manage to get myself a few investments that achieved much growth. As of now, one of my investments... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #48

After a few weeks out, I’m back! Let's start the week right with a TMI. What makes you insecure? I may not look like it, I’m struggling in my finances and in raising a daughter. During school affairs, I often feel out of place due to the fact the I’m separated, a solo parent, and... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #26

Hey sexies! Welcome to TMI Tuesday! What are your romantic needs? A good understanding of me, that I am a man of mission and duties. That romance is only secondary to that. I think that the reason why men cheat is that they have an unfulfilled mission and having to seek romance after romance in... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #22

TMI Tuesday is up! Have fun. What makes you feel unloved? Unloved, I definitely cannot say neglect. That is like telling that you cannot take care of yourself; so I guess I have to go with distrust, distrust in my wisdom to be exact. I find it hard to love someone back when someone cannot... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #15

Relationships are work Lingerie–do you like to give it as a gift or received it? Giving it as a gift, It's like one of those things that you buy for someone else but more beneficial for you. What’s a good date night movie? Horror, or some sort of a mind fuck film. When your partner... Continue Reading →

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