Don’t get Lost

Focus has always been a man’s greatest strength and weakness. When we do something we want our focus to be on the task at hand. Whether we are trying to do life’s work or watching the news on TV, we try to focus and avoid getting distracted.

Never Cheat your Family of your Fullest Self

Greetings Barbarian! Long days and pleasant nights! Men are often regarded as direct and simple creatures. We men thrive in simplicity, we try to keep it simple as much as we could and try to focus. We never multitask, we compartmentalize. With that said, I would like to ask a very simple question. Has there... Continue Reading →

Discover your Purpose

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! Quick question, what is your purpose in life? Since that we all got one shot in life, what do you intend to get from it? Just like what Mr. Morningstar always asks, “What is it that you truly desire?”. I would like to hear all about it in... Continue Reading →

A Man’s Purpose

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! Let me tell you something about myself, you see, I was not always confident, charming and dashing. I grew up very insecure, I envy the cool kids who had everything, the coolest toys, friends, and girlfriends. I carried that envy until my young adulthood and made critical life... Continue Reading →

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