TMI Tuesday #96

First things first, November marks the last leg of my fundraiser. I have an appointment with the bank tomorrow, and I'll try to negotiate our payment. To be honest, we're still missing half of the money we needed but, I'm hopeful that the bank would listen to what I have to say. I'm well aware... Continue Reading →

It Never Ends, Stop Hoping For Your Woman To Get Easier

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! As you all know, I’m on Patreon and as part of the perks of being my patron is you get the chance to ask me a variety of questions. You could ask me anything under the sun, from the humble origins of this blog and to my failed... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #29

  When you have experienced sexual difficulty, how did you overcome it? Once, I dated someone who does not like me using the word “fuck”. It kinda messed up my head, that I started to walk on eggshells. I really like this person, but I couldn’t seem to overcome it. I think that's when the... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #26

Hey sexies! Welcome to TMI Tuesday! What are your romantic needs? A good understanding of me, that I am a man of mission and duties. That romance is only secondary to that. I think that the reason why men cheat is that they have an unfulfilled mission and having to seek romance after romance in... Continue Reading →

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