Know your Fears and Be Friends with It

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! What is freedom? The internet says it is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. But what exactly is the thing that hinders you from doing, speaking or thinking what you want? My answer… fear. I used to fear... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #41

What excites you beyond belief? A lot if you ask me, the idea of building my home gym or any investment prospects. Even a simple trip to the barber or the smell of old paper excites me. In sex, nothing excites me more than seeing my woman in beautiful lingerie. Loving the lovely scent of... Continue Reading →

Tools of the trade

“It's best to have your tools with you. If you don't, you're apt to find something you didn't expect and get discouraged.” ― Stephen King Have you ever tried driving a nail with a rock? Sure, It could do what a hammer does but the results are often undesirable. Your hand will hurt from holding the... Continue Reading →

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