Unlock Your Conventional Deadlift Potential

Deadlift variations play a significant role in strength training and weightlifting, and among them, Romanian deadlifts (RDL) and conventional deadlifts stand out as powerful exercises that target the posterior chain muscles. In this article, we have explored the nuances of these exercises, including their differences, benefits, and how they complement each other in your strength training routine.

Barbell Rows: How to Build a Bulletproof Back Right Now

Aren't you tired of doing a row exercise that doesn't seem to work? Despite spending countless hours at the gym, you still don't see any improvement. To make things worse, you still find yourself hunched back. You have insufficient strength even to hold your torso upright. What you need is to level up your arsenal with barbell rows.

What To Do When You Cannot Sleep?

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! We all need sleep.  We are aware of that information. We need proper nutrition, strenuous exercise, and enough rest to grow. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will not develop. Yet, there are people like me who seemed to have difficulty getting some sleep.  Ever since... Continue Reading →

100 Things About Me

I am Arnie, commonly known as Mr. A on this side of the internetI am currently 34 years of age; my birthday is in June.I am from the humble city of Olongapo in the PhilippinesI am of Filipino descentI am the eldest of three siblings; I got a brother and a sister.I am a solo... Continue Reading →

Size VS Performance

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! It is indeed a great day for blogging! Who knew that admitting I’m Asian and I get “a bit insecure when compared to our western brethren” in regards to package size would generate so much interest. My site traffic has gone up 61% than usual; I very much... Continue Reading →

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