What Happened in January (2021)…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! January is about to wrap, and February is around the corner. The new year brings new hope, but with that hope comes arduous work. Unfortunately, some people today desire the results for the work they did not do. They wanted something to happen because they think they deserve... Continue Reading →

No Toilet Paper, No Problem (the Filipino’s Solution to the World’s Toilet Paper Problem)

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! I'll admit that we Filipinos are a flawed society; we are what politically correct people would call a “developing country” after all. I know a lot of Filipinos have the wrong mentality in dealing with some issues but I'll always be proud of my roots. Though, let me... Continue Reading →

TMI Tuesday #69

Masayang Martes sa inyong lahat! Never underestimate the power of words! What word is a lot of fun to say? In English, mouthfeel… though it is a legit word, it sounded naughty and fun to say. In my native language, a lot; Now is a great time to teach you some naughty Filipino words, don’t... Continue Reading →

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