Delight in the Vibrancy of a Woman

Women and their vibrancy are never in short supply. Yet, you often complain about how you can’t seem to catch a break with a woman or in life. But the truth is your relationship with women and outlook in life is unhealthy. 

You often feel that life is not sustaining you or there are no good women anymore. This emptiness is usually rooted in your unhealthy relationship with your mother. It is impossible to run out of women because life itself is feminine. Your reluctance to accept it results in the void that you feel. 

You must understand that you live in an infinite ocean of feminine vibrance. It’s life-giving; it sustains you. It fills your life with breathtaking liveliness, saving you a dull existence. You feel tired, dry, and hungry for a woman because of your utter refusal of their significance. 

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There are women around you who would rejuvenate you with their mere presence. Suppose you feel trapped in your weariness and hunger. In that case, you refuse to accept women around you.

Delight your senses with its softness and liveliness. If you love life, then you must love women. You have to welcome life as if you are embracing a woman. Feel the current moment as if it were a woman, and you’ll never feel lonely or exhausted. 

Accustom yourself to her company. Cherish each curve and fold of her body; breath in her intoxicating fragrance. Let her presence wash over you and relax your body. Revel to her cries and laughter, and let her smile be the light that surrounds you.

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Treasure each moment with your lover with purpose and meaning. When you’re with other women, do the same. Rather than seeing them as friends or colleagues, see them as blessings. 

Spring into action as you receive her anger. Even when you struggle, receive her happiness as a shower of encouragement. Open yourself and welcome her unique essence, so your day becomes a feast of plenty. 

Relax and enjoy the bountiful presence that surrounds you. Treat women in ways that are suitable for the situation with respect. You don’t need to impress women; you simply have to appreciate them. 

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