You Need to Match Her Energy

As a man, you must be able to match your woman with love equal to her energy. You can’t be stuck in, or avoid, any areas of your life, or she will test you. You would only fit hers once you establish confidence.

She can be everything between a goddess of light, a loving mother, a luscious lover, and a wise teacher. Her reaction to the energy you can’t match is to keep returning to it. For instance, if her anger turns you off, she will seem to return, again and again, to her anger.

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Now, back to our topic.

Suppose you cannot embrace her anger with enough love to transform it into a passion. In that case, she will continue to test your capacity to do so. Any of her energies that you cannot transform into love will return for you to face, again and again.

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She gets agitated often; you discussed it with her countless times. It doesn’t seem to make a difference. So you stop trying.

You learn to tolerate her temper. Without choosing to get tense, she will continue to test you. She will push you until your effort can ease her beyond her anxieties.

A lesser man might decide she will have to deal with it herself. If she had to deal with it herself, she would not be in a relationship with you. In the same way, you desire her radiance; she wants your efforts to be clear and accessible.

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She can’t feel your effort if you are not penetrating her moods. Instead, she feels you are giving up and is terrified to face her energy. The secret is to match her with consciousness demonstrated through it.

Your love must manifest through your actions. Your effort must meet her energy if she is screaming and breaking dishes. If you are cringing, restraining your voice, and telling her that you love her, she won’t believe you.

Your actions mean a lot more to her than anything you could say. She will feel it because your body is telling her.

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If she is tense and closed down, show her your love. Don’t tell her to open up. Do it with her, don’t just tell her what to do.

Open her up with your vulnerability. Suppose she is in the ecstatic throes of devotion to love. In that case, your actions must be just as accessible.

Your love must meet hers in confidence. Your capacity for love must be as strong as hers, not just in mere words but in the effort.

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She will turn to your deepest fears and weakest moments to test you if your love is not as strong as hers. If you feel weakened when she has doubts, she will continue to do so. If you collapse or withdraw your love when she questions your abilities, she will continue to do so.

Your woman has an intuitive knowledge of your consciousness. You cannot meet her to challenge your love unless you are free to match her energy. She will never be confident in you until you have proven your love.

You don’t need to go out of your way to please her. That’s not the point; she is giving you a gift. She is showing you her love in her mood and emotion. She is offering you an opportunity to learn to master her love with your confidence. Whatever point she provides you, you can be sure the world will also show it to you.

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Your boss will test you if you’ve tried to get a promotion at work. Your persistence, confidence, and service would yield it for you. You’re learning to permeate the world, including her, with love and effort.

The world will test you, and she pushes you the same way. If you hide your gifts from her in fear, you will also hide your gifts from the world in fear. That is your purpose.

She knows your weaknesses better than anyone. She knows where you will break down and falter. If you give up, you will only go so far in giving your gift to the world.

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Her love is to test you until your consciousness is unperturbed by the challenge. She knows how low you will stoop into mediocrity. And, she knows your actual capacity as a complete man, a man of action and love.

You can saturate her with your love, just as you are here to permeate the world. She will shower you with love and light in reaction to your spirited efforts.

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