TMI Tuesday: Smartphone Confessions

Greetings, and welcome to another episode of TMI Tuesday! Smartphones have become a success. I use it primarily for work, but its capabilities are nearly endless.

So, for this week’s TMI, I’ll reveal some of my phone habits.

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Now, don’t you just hate it when your phone has no service?

Does your smartphone have a grip on you? In one hour, how often do you check your phone?

  • I am glued to my phone. I check it every 1-2 minutes; it is satisfying.
  • I check it 1-2 times per hour.
  • I check my phone only when I get notifications, and I don’t get many.
  • I mainly check at lunchtime at the end of the day unless I get a notification.

As much as I’d like to admit it, I rely on my phone to manage everything. I use it to find work, manage my bookshop, and promote my work. I’m living the laptop/smartphone lifestyle, so I can’t help but check my phone 1-2 times per hour.

Use a phone to manage everything
Photo by Tyler Lastovich on

A couple of weeks ago, I missed an order because I was so busy looking for a replacement job. I supposed it all depends on how you plan to use your phone. If you are just wandering mindlessly on the internet, then it’s not reasonable to be glued to your phone all the time.

Israeli spyware Pegasus* marketed and sold to other governments is used to spy on activists, journalists, and political leaders. Do you believe hackers are monitoring your smartphone?

Why do you think you can’t remove the batteries of your phone? Are you sure your phone shuts when you turn it off? As someone working before in IT, it’s not farfetched.

Hacking smartphone activity
Photo by Soumil Kumar on

Do hackers track our smartphone activity? I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody does. Just think about the ads that pop up in your browser. Your phone activity influences it.

Do you put your phone in flight mode when in flight or on an airplane?

I fear flying, so I haven’t been on an airplane. If ever I overcome my fear, I’ll put my phone in flight mode. Although, I use the feature for a different purpose.

Turn on airplane mode when you like some alone time.
Photo by Riccardo on

As I mentioned earlier, I use my phone to manage everything, which can get overwhelming. I turn on airplane mode when I like some alone time. I must tell you; it is a handy feature when you need to decompress.

What is the lock on your smartphone?

  • facial recognition
  • fingerprint
  • numerical code
  • pattern
  • I don’t lock my phone

I use a combination of numeric code and fingerprint to unlock my phone.

Phone Lock
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Do mobile phones interfere with your relationship(s)? How?

No, it doesn’t interfere with my relationships. Mobile phones are fantastic at keeping you connected. I always keep it in my pocket when I’m face to face with someone. It’s rude to be glued to it when you’re with someone.

It's rude to be glued to your smartphone when you're with someone.
Photo by Marlene Leppu00e4nen on

That concludes this week’s TMI. I hope you find my phone-related answers helpful or at least entertaining. Don’t forget to leave a comment, or better yet, join in the fun and check out the TMI Tuesday blog!

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One thought on “TMI Tuesday: Smartphone Confessions

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  1. I barely check my phone but only because I realized long ago how few humans use their phone; most phones appear to use humans. Also, I spent many years working on a laptop. Still do. My last desire was to check a phone after spending 6-10 hours online via my lappy.

    Irony alert: I began dictating blog posts here and there 2 days ago. I am using the phone more but only to create helpful content for my blog. I never set up notifications. I rarely if ever check the thing for updates. I publish updates, comment on blogs, comment on social media, here and there, then put the thing away until the next day.


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