TMI Tuesday: Looky Looky!

Hello there! Forgive me if I am a bit rusty – it has been a while since I participated on TMI Tuesdays. It has been quite a busy year for me since I found work. I worked graveyard, so forgive me if I did not have much time to update this blog as much as I wanted to. 

With that said, I would also like to take this opportunity to catch up with you. Working 9 PM to 5 AM proved to be challenging for my health. I just missed socializing and being with friends so much. So, I would appreciate it so much if you greet me in the comment section. 

But, enough of that. I believe it is time for me to answer some questions! I am so excited right now. 

Looky Looky!

What Movie Dialogue Do You Know By Heart?

“You all know me well enough to know, if I had anywhere else to go I wouldn’t be here, if you could help me through this time I would surely be grateful.”

This line is from my favorite movie of all time, Cinderella Man, starring Russell Crowe. It is a boxing biopic about prohibition-era boxer James J. Braddock. I love it because it is one of those feel-good movies than tells you that dreams come true – if you work hard enough. 

Coming from a financial ordeal, I remember how terrible it was to have yourself backed into a corner. I will always keep those who helped me during those moments close to my heart. They are an inspiration – so whenever I see someone in need, I try to help with no questions asked. 

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Which Show Do You Watch The Most?

Right now, I am obsessing over The Blacklist. After nine seasons, I still have no freaking idea who Raymond Reddington is. Is he Elizabeth’s dad? Mom? What?

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!

As per the recommendation of my daughter, I have also been watching a lot of animes. I am particularly fond of My Hero Academia and consider myself an All Might fanboy. I had a splendid time watching it with my kid. 

Do You Get Shy on Camera?

All the time. But, photos and selfies are part of the job. I try to be comfortable in front of the camera, learning the angles and tricks for better pictures. 

But, I would not pretend to be modest; I love getting compliments. 

Fitting rooms are an excellent spot for selfies!

How Often Do You Take Selfies?

  1. Once a week
  2. A few times a week
  3. Everyday
  4. Never

A few times a week. As I said, it is part of the job. I am timid and introverted, but I try my best to be comfortable and confident. 

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Do You Like Being Watched?

Whatcha mean being watched! I am kidding! As long as it is consensual, I would not mind. You all know I tend to be adventurous now and then. 

But if I am being watched, I like it to be someone I have complete confidence with. I am very much aware that I am that great looking and out of shape. I have my own set of insecurities that I am working on. If someone would watch me, I prefer it to be someone I trust. 

God, I miss answering these kinds of fun questions. 

Bonus: What’s the Last Thing You Got in Trouble For?

I cannot remember a time I got into trouble. I am not a troublemaker and tend to keep affairs by myself. Yes, I know – my life is a bit boring. 

I do remember getting in trouble for vandalizing school property. This happened long ago, back when I was still in grade school. We got caught prying open the school fences to get in. They said they would not let us graduate. But after some school service, we did. 

I guess the younger me is much more exciting than me. 

Well, that concludes the TMI this week! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have anything to add, please comment down below. I’d love to hear all about it.

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See you again next time!

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    1. Hahahaha! As much as I love the show, I have to admit that it’s not for everyone. I finished the latest season and I still have no idea who Red is.

      Sorry for not updating that much. Graveyard shift can be so draining. My sleep cycle and overall health is so messed up, I decided to take a break for it gets worse.

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