I Quit: I Will No Longer Write Any More!

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. Oh boy, I do not even know where to start. It has been a difficult road, and my foolish aspirations took much from me. There is no easy way of saying this, but I will now quit writing. 

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Gotcha! April Fools! I have no plans to quit my beloved craft yet. So, please do not take it seriously. 

But if I decide to quit, April might be a good time to do it. After all, I began my writing journey this month four years ago. I was nothing but a solo dad aspiring to make it big back then. All I wanted was to write and somehow be good with it.

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Now, back to my post.

Jokes aside, this post is not about giving up on my dreams. It is never about that, and it is quite the opposite. This post serves as a love letter to the sorts of wonders that only writing could give to me. 

5 Reasons Why I Would Not Quit Writing

I am Invested 

All I wanted was to tell my story. Looking back, I was totally clueless about what I was doing. I could not even tell the difference between active and passive voices. 

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Because of that, I devoted so much effort to honing my craft. How can I quit writing when I am so invested in it? I remember saving as much money as I could to send myself to writing workshops. I bought books and spent the majority of my time reading. It was a time of discovery for me.

Writing Keeps Me Sane

Writing served as my refuge from the complexities of modern life. It is a way for me to make sense of things I could not understand. It helped me keep my head above water when I was about to drown. 

While on my highest of highs, writing kept my feet tethered to the ground. It served as my reminder not to lose sight of what life is all about. I could pretty much say that it helped me become a better person. This alone is enough reason why I would not quit writing. 

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It Pays the Bills

My love for writing is not only because it developed my character. It also lets me find hope even in the direst of situations. Thanks to it, an array of opportunities presented themselves to me. It opened up doors I never thought possible. I was able to get jobs because of it. 

As of now, I am working as a technical writer for a tech company. I am depressed due to stress and a lack of sleep. Yet, I still choose not to quit. It is still a lot better than the anxiety of becoming homeless. Because of writing, I paid off my debt and saved enough money to pay rent in the future. 

I Made a Lot of Friends

Writing gave me a lot of friends, both online and in real life. You see, writing is all about communication. I always thought of it only as a form of self-expression back then. I never expected to make friends and touch lives through it. 

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A few months ago, I helped a friend get through a challenging ordeal in her marriage. It feels great knowing that my friends can count on me whenever they are in trouble. How can I quit when writing makes me feel like I matter?

There is Just No Quit In Me

I am not a quitter, plain and simple. I knew right from the beginning that things would be difficult. There are times when I doubt if writing is all worth it. But, I always manage to get myself back to it. 

I am so grateful for what writing gave to me that quitting it was never an option. I would get tired and frustrated. There was a time when I was too exhausted to write even a single word. But, I will not quit. I would not abandon my dreams. 

Take Away

Besides being a father, being a writer is the best thing that happened to me. For me, it is not just something I do to pay the bills. Writing is something that completes me and gives purpose to my being.

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So there you have it, my love letter to writing. I hope you enjoyed it!

To my fellow writers out there, what makes you love writing so much?

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To courage and freedom!

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  1. You got me there for a second (me reading this on the 6th of April thinking there are no more April Fools joke I’ll fell for hahaha)
    Hooray for more writing to keep us sane! Hehe

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