Getting a Massage: A Gentleman’s Guide

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. Getting a massage for the very first time can be rather scary. Imagine lying on your back semi-naked with some random stranger touching you. It can be quite an awkward scenario.

Getting a massage for the first time.
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I love getting massages. Whenever I have some extra money, I make sure I book an acupuncture and massage session. I find it a remarkable way to reduce the accumulated stress from my hectic schedule. I even got one before I wrote this. 

I love massages
I love massages!

Besides that, here are a few benefits of getting a massage:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Stimulation of the Lymphatic System
  • Reduced stress hormones
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved skin tone
  • Helps in recovery of soft tissue injuries

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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions. Various cultures attest to the therapeutic capability of massages. Hilot is the traditional form of massage here in the Philippines. Besides the health benefits, its other purpose is to restore balance and harmony in the body. 

There are other forms of massage out there. Regardless, here are some basic guidelines for a more pleasant experience. 

A Gentleman’s Guide in Getting a Massage

It is Not Sexual

Some men do indeed get an erection during a massage. But massages are anything else but sexual unless stated. If that was the case, then you are reading the wrong article. 

Massages are all about relaxation and healing; it is not about sex. So, by any means, do not ask your therapist for any sexual favors or even joke about it. I get it; you are a man but for christ’s sake, have some decency. 

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Also, having a male therapist does not make you look gay. As much as, it is not cheating to have a female one. It is about healing, harmony, and balance. So, it pretty much boils down to your preference. As for me, I do not mind if my therapist is male or female. 

Take a Shower

This one is already evident. You would be rubbing skin with your therapist. So, you better get rid of any malodor and arrive clean and fresh. 

Make sure to also clip your nails. Your therapist would also be rubbing your hands and feet. Having long nails increases their chances of getting cuts. Furthermore, the massage oil they are using could even irritate it. So be considerate. 

Arrive Early

Most spas schedule their clients via appointment. You cannot walk in and expect a therapist to entertain you. Chances are, they would reschedule you to another slot if you arrived late. So, check in early and avoid the hassle.

Arrive Early
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Let the Massage Therapist Know

Is something uncomfortable? Or do you feel uneasy with your level of undress? Tell it to the therapist. 

Usually, therapists ask what kind of pressure you prefer. They also ask you questions for the duration of the session for feedback. You do not need to make conversation. You only need to communicate with them. They cannot do an exceptional job if you do not tell them. 


A trip to the spa can be a relaxing experience for anyone. It can be a bit embarrassing at first. But, it is an excellent way to pamper yourself. After all, you deserve a bit of R&R with everything going on. 

Soothe your tired body with a revitalizing massage. While its benefits can be up for debate, you cannot deny that it does feel pleasant. It helps you prepare for the challenges of the coming days. 

Soothe your tired body

So there you have it, my gentleman’s guide on getting massages. If you plan your first trip to a spa, I hope you find it helpful. See you again next time. This is Mr. A reminding you to have a meaningful day and stay manly!

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