What Happened in December (2021)…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. 2021 is about to end, and it is time to say hello to 2022. It has been another rough year, but still, we managed to come through. Despite the difficult moments, it tells you much about the resilience of the human spirit. 

2021 certainly did bring a lot of surprising developments. It was the year when my dreams of becoming a writer became a reality. Yes, it did take me off blogging every once in a while. But, I am starting to finally make a living off my writing. 

It is no secret that I dreamed of making it as a writer. And, maybe publish a book or two in the future. Looking back, it still amazes me to find the sort of things a man can do for the sake of his dreams. Maybe, it was stupidity or my selfishness that led to finally realizing it. But in the end, it was my diligence and determination that got me through. 

You would not believe the sort of ridicule I have heard from friends and people I hardly knew. But as my great friend once said, dreams do come through to those who work hard enough. And I did work hard until I no longer felt like a miserable failure. 

Now, becoming a writer does not sound as ridiculous and selfish as before. To commemorate this achievement and the end of 2021, here are a few highlights of December. 

What Happened in December 2021

Vacation 1 of 2

December begins with a mini-vacation of sorts. I have been working non-stop since May. So, I figured it would be a great idea to take a break. Weeks before my contract ended, I booked a room near the coast and spent a weekend there. It did wonders to my spirit, giving me the strength to take on a new challenge. 

Meatplus Burger
Shout out to #MeatPlusCafe for the best burgers in Subic

Writing Career

Speaking of new challenges, I recently accepted a job as a technical writer for an IT company. I received the call just before my last day of work, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Thinking about the possibilities excites me. It is a challenge that I am happy to take on.

How I Met Your Mother

After my contract ended, I found myself getting restless. I guess it has something to do with the sudden change of routine. So to keep myself occupied, I binge-watched How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I am surprised how good it got, given that Ted Mosby is terrible in the first season. I am particularly fond of Barney. Especially on how his story arc ended. 

2021 Reading

I finished the entire nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother in a couple of days. After that, I spend my time reading Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. I am still halfway through, so it looks like I will not finish it as the year ends. Besides that, I saw Nietzsche on sale, so I immediately bought it for my 2022 reading. 

Found this on sale at #NBS

In case you are curious, here are the books I finished this year:

  • Watchmen – Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
  • The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Men Without Women – Haruki Murakami
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey 

Christmas 2021

As for Christmas, we had a somewhat simple celebration. I bought myself a black turtleneck sweater from Uniqlo. I love dressing up for cold weather even though it is always summer here in my country. 

Sakura Watercolors
Gave my daughter this #Koi Watercolor set

Also, I bought this model kit that I have been eyeing for years now. It took me a while because I know it is childish, and I do not indulge that much. This time was an exception since I have been working my ass off for the last seven months. 

Tallgeese EW
Does anyone here love #Gundams?

Vacation 2 of 2

Because of that, I took another mini-vacation on the coast after Christmas. I wanted to be mentally and physically prepared for the challenge of the upcoming year. My new work starts on the 3rd of January, and I must be at my best. I want this job to work out, so I am doing my best to perform. 

Sakura Niku Udon
I had my favorite bowl of Udon while on vacation.

Working non-stop while stressful allowed me to obliterate my credit card debt. Yes, I am proud to tell you that I now have a positive credit score. Thanks to hard work and your support, I finally paid off the debt I accumulated over the years. Now, I have fewer things to worry about this coming year. 

Sakura Salmon Sashimi
Raw Fish, anyone?

Happy New Year!

The last couple of years has been tough with the pandemic mixed with my personal challenges. 2021 became somewhat a redemption phase that offered me a way to get up on my feet. Filled with unforeseen development and gave me a chance to prove myself. 

So, before I end my recap of December, I would like to thank you all for believing in me. Thank you for staying with me during the best and worst of times. I simply could not do this without you. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I wish you a happy New Year! See you next year!

To Courage and Freedom!

2021 Round-up:

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