What Happened In October (2021)…

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. I hope you are feeling exceptional today. It has been quite some time since I wrote my last monthly recap, so I’m very much excited to write one today. Who knew juggling between blogging and working as a writer could be exhausting?

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Now, back to my post!

I wrote my last recap in June, and a lot has happened ever since. I put the blog on a short hiatus after taking a job as an SEO content writer, much to my regret. It started as something exciting but as soon as I transferred to another department, it became stressful. 

There was a point where it felt like I was a complete mess, and I started to question my abilities as a writer. I began to lose my writer’s voice hence the blandness of my writing as of late. I want to make things clear; I hold no ill feelings towards the people in that company. To be honest, I am grateful for everything they did for me. 

The job wasn’t for me, it is as simple as that. If something doesn’t fit regardless of your efforts, it wasn’t meant for you in the first place. Stress is necessary for growth, but if you cannot thrive under it, then you are overreaching. And in life, we know that nothing good ever comes out from overreaching. 

So now, I’m writing again to get back to basics and hoping to reclaim my lost voice. The voice that is full of calm confidence, that speaks for both sides of the coin. Always reasonable, the voice that talks nothing but joy about his fellow men and his life.

It is time to pick up what I left behind.

What Happened in October…

Getting laid off is not a wonderful feeling; I admit that I took it hard. I cried when the miserable dread of uncertainty began creeping in. If you are familiar with my previous writing, you know how much I needed the money. 

As usual, waking up in the morning was terrible. It was difficult getting out of bed with nothing to look forward to throughout the day. With the support of friends, I did my best not to mope and tried to make the most of the free time I had. During the first days of October, I spent my days tending to my daughter. 

Time With My Daughter

We watched Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, much to her amazement. I mentioned that it was her mom’s favorite back then, and she began asking what her mom was like. I told her that her mom is a good person; she always was. I am as much to blame as she with what happened to our marriage and I have come to terms with that. ‘

Corpse Bride
Can a heart still break once it stopped beating?

Another thing we did together was to try these spicy Korean noodles. I managed to save part of my salary to buy groceries and keep the ball rolling. I saw the noodles and bought them, thinking it would be a fun activity with my daughter. 

Samyang Noodles
Samyang Noodles

My friends warned me about it and advised me to have milk nearby. And they were right, it was so spicy that we couldn’t eat it. It is a fun experience, but I won’t do it again! 


Speaking of groceries, a friend recommended Locally; so, I decided to buy one when I saw it at the grocery store. I tried it, and it tastes fantastic! The packaging says it is made with Zambales mangoes, and being a Zambaleno, I can attest to that. It tastes exactly like our renowned Zamabales Mangoes. So, if you saw this at your local market, try it and experience what my hometown has to offer. You won’t regret it!

Locally Mango Juice
Anyone from Locally looking for an endorsement?

Finding Work

I also found work writing product descriptions for a Singapore-based eCommerce company. It is not a long-term stint, but it will do. I hope I can find a new one before my contract expires. I’m enjoying myself writing about watches and jewelry since it is more in line with my persona. 

How to describe a Tissot? Expensive!
How to describe a Tissot? Expensive!

Plus, the work is not tedious, and the schedule is manageable. It gives me enough time to take care of things around the house and write for the blog. It means so much to me, and I’m happy with my two Singaporean lady bosses. I’m aware of the nature of my work as a writer, but I’m hopeful that I can stay for a long time. 

My Daughter’s 9th Birthday

Now for the highlight of October, my daughter’s ninth birthday. I still can’t believe that she is now nine years old, and in a few more years, she will enter womanhood. As her dad, I can’t help but dread the day she would introduce her boyfriend to me. I’m not yet ready, I still long for the days when she was still a wee baby in my arms. How I yearn for the days when she calls out for my name whenever she gets a shot. 

This year, I gave her a laptop as a gift since she needed it for her schooling. I made her favorite tacos and bought her a cake to celebrate. I want you to know that this is where I spent most of what I made on Patreon. So to my friends and patrons, thank you for your support. I couldn’t pull this off without you. I will forever hold this in my heart; I’m grateful. 

Happy Birthday, kiddo!
Happy Birthday, kiddo!

Well, my daughter was happy because her mom, along with her little brother came to visit. For the first time, her mom and dad were at the same place for her. She gets to spend time playing with her younger brother, even for a short while. I’m as surprised as her with the reunion despite keeping my distance. 

What To Look Forward To Next Month?

Well, I’m still figuring out how I can get a smooth transition when my contract ends. Right now, I’m already sending out my resumes at job openings at Linkedin. 

I’m figuring out how to get back to my usual blogging schedule. Back then, I was posting three times a week; now, I’m only doing two. I must think of a way to maximize my output while recovering my writer’s voice. 

So there you have it, that is how my October went. See you next month!

If you have any suggestions, please comment down below. I would love to hear it!. Thank you for reading about me, and if you need to catch up with my writing, here is our monthly round-up. 

October Round-Up

Again thank you! For courage and Freedom!

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