TMI Tuesday #131 (Tell Me Some Things)

Tell Me Some Things

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Tell us 7 things making you happy right now, and why they make you happy.

  • Money – or at least what I can do with it. I’m finally making enough money to buy us groceries. I could still remember the time when all I wanted was to buy my kid a McDonald’s happy meal. I’m so thankful right now. 
  • Writing – has been sort of a refuge for me. A catharsis that prevents me from going over the edge. Now, it has become my livelihood; a means to pay our bills and put food on our table. 
  • Time – I’m happy that I’m working on a much more tolerable time now. It is crucial for me that I get to spend more time with my daughter. I quit my old job because she needed a parent to raise her. It would defeat the purpose of being a stay-at-home parent if I can’t do that. 
  • Spotify – music is one of my simple joys in life. I’m happy that I still get the chance to listen to Spotify despite my schedule. 
  • Coffee – I miss a good cup of coffee. Lately, I’m stuck with instant coffee and I can taste the difference. Again, another of my simple pleasures in life. 
  • Cobra Kai – I love the show so much! Being the bad guy in other people’s stories as well as struggling so hard to find meaning, I could relate. It’s great that they made a series to show the other side of the story. 
  • House – I’m happy that we still have a roof above our heads. If you’ve been here for a while, I’m sure you know about my money problem with the bank. We are in the middle of losing our house and it is just a matter of time. Despite the threat of becoming homeless, I’m so grateful that we are still here and not on the streets. 
I miss a good cup of coffee.
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Tell us 5 things you learned last week.

  • Be An Early Riser – I start work at 9 in the morning, that’s so early compared to my previous job that starts at 8 pm. I need to learn to wake up early in the morning to prepare for work. 
  • Better Time Management – speaking of time, I’m starting to better manage my time. Now that I spend most of my time at work, I still need to take care of the others around the house. 
  • Work Faster – My work needs me to write up 5000 words per day. I must figure out a way to maximize my output, so I’m learning how to increase my productivity. 
  • Adapt To Change – A lot has changed this year and I’m trying to do everything I can to adapt. We switch schools for my daughter, then there’s work. 
  • Being Honest About Myself – I’m starting to learn again how to let people in. I hate talking about my feelings, so I try to keep my guard up all the time. Lately, I’ve learned that it is okay to let myself be vulnerable now and then. 
I hate talking about my feelings.
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Tell us 3 things that stand out for you in 2021.

  • Work – After years of blogging, I finally leveraged this blog to find work this year. It has been a long and tedious journey, but I am happy with the result. 
  • Friend – This year, I have one friend that stands out. I have this friend who has supported me since this pandemic began. 
  • Bookshop – I saved enough money and opened up an online bookshop. I sell classic and contemporary books on Shopee

Bonus: What is the #1 thing you cannot do without in life? 

Daughter – I can’t imagine living without my daughter. Raising her is my life’s calling, and I learn a lot from being a dad. 

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