Cooperation: How To Get Others To Play Along

Greeting Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights. In any group, cooperation plays a critical role in its success. It is the way of working together to achieve a common goal. Teamwork makes the dream work, as most people say. I know it’s a cliche but please, bear with me. 

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Now, on to our topic.

Importance of Cooperation

As a solo parent, my ability to manage a smooth household relies on our cooperation. I have to rely on my daughter to do some chores in the house whenever I’m working. And the same goes for me; she has to depend on me to do the rest. 

A smooth household relies on our cooperation
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I don’t like giving her some responsibilities now that I’m working. She should enjoy as much of her childhood as possible, but we have to do what we can to keep ourselves afloat. I can’t help the situation; all I can do is work twice as hard as before and lessen her chores. 

Why Do We Need To Cooperate With One Another?

Cooperation exists at many levels and takes place between individuals and organizations. It allows the exchange of information that improves work. It is the core principle of success not just in a corporate setting but also at home. 

There are plenty of types of cooperation, but all take one principle to work. It is easy to ram people’s ears with ideas and bark out orders left and right. But the simple truth is people prefer to exercise their free will and do things of their own accord. No one likes someone telling them what to do; we want others to consult us about our wishes, wants, and thoughts. 

With that in mind, how do we get cooperation? How do we get others to play along? Simple, let them figure out what to do. Learn to appreciate them and make them feel they are a valuable part of the solution. 

Whether we like it or not, we are emotional creatures, not logical ones. You can’t expect people to follow your orders down to the letter without any questions and feel good about it. That’s not cooperation; that is called compliance. 

The perfect example of this is children. Kids don’t like it when you tell them what to do; one, in particular, is my daughter. You see, my daughter hates it when I tell her to do something, whether it’s taking a bath or doing her assignments. Any efforts to do so would only make her more reluctant, and if I attempt to force her would result in defiance. 

So instead of telling her that she should study, I tell her why she should. I tell her the consequences of not doing her homework as well as the reward. From there, I’ll let her figure out what to do. Rather than raising my voice, I influence her. It may take a bit of patience, but it is worth it. 

Another lesson in cooperation happened at work. I recently found a job as a writer for an eCommerce company. I’ve been writing approximately 5000 words each day for the last two weeks. Last Thursday, they told me that I would not receive my first paycheck until the end of the month due to some mishap.

Devastated, my productivity dropped, and when they asked me to render overtime, I said no. I understand how important it is to do my job, but it is also important that I pay my bills on time. Instead of just worrying about what to write, I also need to worry about putting food on the table. 

It is also important that I pay my bills on time.
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Rather than getting my full cooperation, I am just complying out of courtesy. It was a 2-month work, but I’m starting to think if it’s still worth it. It made me feel that my needs are not as important as theirs. Comment down below if you think I should start looking for a new job now. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

As a society, cooperation is not only beneficial; it is critical. We all should strive for a common goal and do our best to achieve the greater good. Can you imagine a world where every man is for himself? Not much of a world to live in, isn’t it? Love thy neighbor, ask what you can do for them before asking what they can do for you. Find a common goal and achieve the greater good. 

To courage and freedom!

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