TMI Tuesday #128 (What In the World?)

What In The World?

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When the world brings you down, what is your best tip for feeling good about yourself again?

Such a timely question right now. In case you missed it, I was recently let go of my writing job, and my self-confidence is at an all-time low. It’s been quite a while since I had a job so, I feel sad about it. But, there is no point in crying, it’s not the end of the world; the best I can do now is to look forward. 

I found that intense and passionate sex is a great way to make me feel good about myself. But, given the pandemic that shook the world; the best I can do is to dress up and smell nice. Right now, I want to make myself better and be confident until the next time an opportunity happens. 

What is your favorite room or spot in your home? Why?

My Bookshelf. I don’t have much, and my books are one of the few simple things in life that I treasure. It’s still a work in progress; there are still plenty of books that I wanted to read and add to my collection. I can live with the television, but I don’t see my house without any books. 

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Are you living up to your expectations?

Right now, I’m so disappointed in myself. Losing my job felt like I let a lot of people down. A lot of people believed in me, my friends, and my family, especially my daughter. I wish to find a job soon. 

At least, I could say that I gave my honest best. I managed to save a lot of my salary and pay off my debt. It is not much but, I now have a positive net worth. I wish I could have stayed longer; that would mean the world to me. 

What lesson took you the longest to learn?

People tell me that I’m always hard on myself, and I focus on others before me. I always have this impulse to give before receiving and blame myself when things go wrong. I have a habit of putting the weight of the world over my shoulders. 

For me, it seemed like the right thing to do. I need to know that I did everything I could with no regrets, whether it’s my relationships or career. I can’t see it any other way.

What has been the most difficult choice you had to make?

The time I decided to walk away from my ex-wife and L. I loved both women, but those relationships aren’t meant to be. I remember how my whole world shattered when they left with no one to pick up the pieces. Difficult, but I have to focus on the well-being of my daughter. But regardless, I wish them all the best. 

Bonus: What defines you?

Being a dad. Though I may not expect it, that kid means the world to me. My very essence is all about taking care of her and providing her a bright future. Everything else fails in comparison, and all I care about is her. She gives meaning to my otherwise meaningless existence. 

Though I may not expect it, that kid means the world to me.
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Frankly, I hate not having time for her. If I could, I would spend my every waking moment beside her, but I have to work. I have to make enough money to give what she needs, and that is all that matters to me.

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