What Happened in May… (2021)

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

I apologize for missing a few posts this May, especially on Patreon. I am doing everything I can to deliver, but I am still trying to find my rhythm. Many of my planned posts have to take a back seat for a while; I am sorry for that. 

I am writing today to somehow make up for the post I have missed this month. It was a long and tedious month, but at least I finally landed a job. I no longer have to feel desperate, and the situation is starting to look bright. My only concern is how to do an exceptional job enough for me to stay and make the most out of it. 

It was the of June last year when we received a letter of eviction from the bank. From there, I scramble to come up with the necessary amount needed to save our home. I did a fundraiser, and I set up a Patreon to make ends meet. I have gone to hell and back in hopes of somehow finding a solution to my problems.

Blogging has become more than a passion; it became a refuge. With the help of patrons, I managed to keep the ball rolling and sustain us for many months. I cannot thank those people enough; I owe a lot to them. I would not be here if it not for them.

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To honor my patrons and those who support my work, I dedicated this post to you. I get to do what I love and do it because of you! Each one of you has helped one way or another, and I cannot thank you enough. Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

How May Went…

May started like any other month. I went on doing my usual routine, I blog, write for my patrons, and promote the bookshop. It was until my friend Mikki told me about a job opening in their company. By the way, a special shout to Mikki for helping me out! If you got the time, please check her out on Twitch

Unwrap me!
I spent the month packing books for clients.

The company is looking for content writers, and I grabbed the opportunity. I sent my resume as soon as I can and got scheduled for an interview. In a few days, I got hired, and I found myself in video conference calls in a matter of days. 

Do not get me wrong; I love what I am doing. I am learning as each day passes, and I am honing my content writing skills. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I will make sure not to disappoint anyone. I needed this job; this gives us something to look forward to once we got evicted from our house. 

My first week was splendid, and I learned much. My boss is such a wonderful person, and I hope I could learn much from her. My problem with my previous job was I never got the chance to learn anything from my boss. Again, not that I am complaining, and I cannot blame him for that. I wanted to learn as much as I could from the work that I do.

My days are getting hectic, and I am trying to accommodate everything in a day. I wake early as possible to finish early and have time to write for the blog. I must learn how to write in massive volumes without losing clarity and eloquence in my writing. 

Three elemental tadpoles in an ethereal realm.
I still find time to spend with my daughter. She has been fond of using acrylic lately.

Again, thank you for joining me in my journey to manhood and life. You have been an incredible companion and friend. I am glad to have you in my story so far; thank you!

May 2021 Round-up:

So that is it; I hope you all had a magnificent May. See you again in June, cheers!

Special thanks to my patrons, namely:

This post would not be possible if it were not for you! Thank you for believing in me; your continued patronage is very much appreciated. You have my sincerest gratitude!

Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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To Courage and Freedom!

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2 thoughts on “What Happened in May… (2021)

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  1. I’m so pleased to hear that your job is going well and things are slowly on the up. I hope things continue on the upward path for you, Mr. A! 🙂


  2. Your daughter created a lovely piece of artwork! She understands light and shadows very well. Is the book wrapping service only for gifts or for all purchased books? Congratulations on getting the job and gaining a bit of levity for your situation!


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