TMI Tuesday #123

Do you typically wake up feeling optimistic?

Lately, yes. Ever since I got hired as a writer, I am becoming more and more optimistic. Before, everything was bleak and desperate because of the housing problem. I am glad that I finally got a job; at least now, I have something to look forward to tomorrow. 

Do you pursue your passions?

Passion as dreams? Yes, every single day. Becoming a writer has been my dream ever since I quit my previous career. I dream of becoming a prominent writer and publishing a book or two. 

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Now that I have an opportunity to hone my craft, I am getting closer to it day by day.

If your life was affected by covid19 lockdowns/restrictions, how have you pursued your passions during the pandemic?

The pandemic pushed me to pursue my passion. I was in lockdown, I got scammed, and I am about to go homeless. Before the lockdown, I am having difficulty landing a job. The lockdown forced me to monetize the blog via Patreon to pay the bills. As it turns out, this was the best thing I could do for my career as a blogger. I got the job because I have patrons to vouch for me.

Is there a conversation you need to have with someone; but you have avoided? Tell us the basic subject and your relationship with the person.

I avoid talking to my ex-wife about our marital status. I hate to discuss it with her, especially when it involves our daughter. My kid has gone through enough. It is already tough raising her on my own without the drama. 

Fill in the blank. When my partner is around I feel _____.

As of now, I am single and ready to mingle. But if ever, I would feel the same way when she is not around; only twice better. Why get into relationships if it does not somehow make everything better, right?

Bonus: Are you living in reality or a fabricated fantasy?

A fantastical fabricated reality!

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