Honey, What You Do For Money: First-Aid Instructor Edition

Greeting Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights! 

I love doing this segment because it allows me to meet people and make friends with them. I get to delve deep into their lives for a few hours and put them into the spotlight.

As a dad, I need to know first-aid. A lot could go wrong on any given day, and I must know what to do when they do. First aid is an invaluable skill that most people ignore. 

My guest for today is a Volunteer First-Aid Instructor from the Philippine Red Cross. We met through a mutual friend, and I decided to feature her for this month’s HWYDFM. Let us give Diana a round of applause!

Mr. A: Hi Diana! Welcome to the blog! Mind introducing yourself to our readers first?

Diana: I am Diana Abella from Olongapo City. I am single, 32 years old. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration Major in Management.

Mr. A: Wow, that is quite far from being a First-Aid Instructor. How did you end up teaching First-Aid?

Diana: I have been donating my blood since college. I love that I get to help other people by donating my blood, plus it also has health benefits. I am a bartender at a cruise ship which is also different from my degree. Regardless, I keep on working whenever there is an opportunity.

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With the pandemic, I have to stop work and come home. It was September last year when the situation started to ease up. I donated blood, and I got interested in doing volunteer work. I saw a job posting for Basic Life Support First Aid Instructor and decided to apply since I am out for work. Plus, I needed the certificate when I boarded a cruise ship again.

I am an introvert, but since I am an instructor, I meet lots of people. I get to teach them about first aid. 

So, I finished training in November 2020. Then in my first week, I started teaching immediately. There are companies out there that needed training for their certificate renewals. 

Mr. A: That was just recent. What does it exactly take to teach First-Aid? What are the requirements?

Diana: First, there was the training. You will give the trainees a handbook, and you must memorize the content of that handbook to the letter. You must be able to answer all the trainee’s questions. 

You must have a vast knowledge of the subject you are teaching. The more experience you have, the more you can teach. I refer to people who have a background or look for other training materials. As for requirements, you must finish the training. You do not need to be a registered nurse or any related field. You must pass the training and have a passion for teaching. 

Mr. A: That sounds awesome! Do you have any fun or embarrassing stories you wanted to share as a First-Aid Instructor?

Diana: Embarrassing? I get so exhausted that I space out, and my mind goes blank sometimes. I got students that are so enthusiastic that I get infected by their cheery nature. I also got students that are excited about doing practical performances. I always felt relieved when I see them focus on the training.

Mr. A: I recently started writing about first-aid. What are the most common injuries sustained in a typical household?

Diana: In households with 1 to 10-year-olds, the most common injuries are burns. From scalding water or cooking mishaps, burns are easy to sustain. 

Mr. A: Looks like I am off to a great start. Any advice to our readers?

Diana: Every household must have at least one who knows how to give first-aid. I cannot recommend it enough; we could save lives because of that. 

Mr. A: Now, the moment we all have been waiting for, can you give us an estimate on how much a First-Aid Instructor makes? 

Diana: Now, I make 550 pesos a day of training. Given that there is a pandemic, most of my training sessions are limited. I hold training sessions three to four times a week with a 50% capacity to maintain social distancing. 

Mr. A: That is not bad at all for volunteer work. Well, It is time to wrap up. Thank you, Diana, for giving us this chance to interview you. I hope you had a wonderful time!

Again, let us give Diana a warm round of applause! That concludes this month’s episode of HWYDFM. Tune in again next month; thank you!

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  1. This is a very difficult job (but totally rewarding)… it requires solid physical strength.
    I studied for this and I almost fainted on my practical test while doing the CPR for Basic Life Support. It seemed so easy in the movies 😀 😀 😀

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