TMI Tuesday #119

Are you ready to go? Where are you going?

I am ready to go where my feet would take me. I may not be the luckiest person out there, but I am strong and capable. I am a tremendous worker, and I am proud of my work ethic. If I have a goal, I make sure I get there. As of now, the bookshop and the growth of this blog keep me focused. 

There is something wrong with dating, what is it?

Most men do not date; they hang out with women. It is not about going out clubbing nor staying at home playing Monopoly. Dating is a temporary involvement with someone to get to know them well. Most men complain about getting friend-zoned, but that is how they treat women, a friend.

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There is nothing wrong with that, but if you desire to date women, then take them out on a date. If you need a more comprehensive post about this, check out my guide on asking a woman out

Born to be wild–what is your wild?

Is randomly bursting out on a song and dance in the tune of Britney’s Sometimes wild enough for you? I am very reserved, and I will only talk unless someone speaks to me. My friends find it fun when I sing out of nowhere for no reason – it is out of character. 

If you are not amused, it might surprise you to know that I am extra freaky in bed! If that did not do the trick, I do not know what else to tell you.

Pick your best feature and sell it to us?

Piercing eyes, I will take your breath away in bed too! I am competent and able; I could cook well and do house chores. I am an amazing dad, so I know a thing or two about how to spoil you and make you feel extra. I have a tremendous work ethic, and I aim to please. I could spend a whole day telling you how wonderful I am, but I will let my exes tell you that.

Fill in the blank. This may sound a little weird but _____. 

I do not know what else is weirder than a stoic man randomly bursting out into songs. Underneath my reserved nature, I am also an avid comic book reader and a Magic: The Gathering player. I love geeking out to comic books and Magic: The Gathering. It is out of character, but deep inside, I am a dreamer. 

Bonus: If you were trapped in a store, all night, in which store would you want to be trapped?

A bookstore, I love books.

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