TMI Tuesday # 118

Has money ever ruined a relationship for you?

A lot! I recently posted something like this on Twitter. I had relationships ruined by money, from two-faced friends to opportunistic relatives. I have a cousin who ran away with my mom’s money and, now that we needed it, she refuses to pay it back. This incident sparked disdain on all sides and, I lost a lot of respect to a lot of people. 

Have you ever successfully negotiated a pay raise?

Yes. In my seven-year stint as a programmer. As my daughter grows, our needs change and, I have to put in a lot of work and negotiate my salary. I saved enough money when I quit my job. My daughter and I were all set if not for the housing problem. Again, I urge you to become a patron. I know that the situation is far from over, but a bit of help would mean so much to us.

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What piece of MONEY advice would you tell your younger self?

Save 20% of your salary and, for crying out loud, be clever about how you spend your money. Just because you saw something you like does not mean you have to get it. If you cannot buy it twice, you cannot afford it; consult your means, not your wants. Buy stuff that will serve you for a lengthy time. 

Have you ever paid for sex or been paid for sex? 

I paid for sex, and I would not even hide it. I am not proud of it, but it is part of my coming-of-age. I was young, and I am keen on exploring my sexuality. I wanted to try things, so I end up paying for sex. I lived in a part of the Philippines dubbed as sin city where the red light district is much alive.

Are you hiding a financial secret?

I hope I have a secret million hiding in some off-shore account. I wish I am just tricking you into subscribing to my Patreon, but it is true – we are about to lose our house. I did everything I could to prevent that from happening, but I failed. I did a fundraiser a few months ago, and I barely reached 10% of my target. I tried investing the money to get what we need, but I am running out of time. I faced rejection and ridicule as I go along. So yeah, I wish I have a secret. 

Bonus: Have you made someone smile today? If not, please take up the challenge and make someone smile.

Despite having a ton of problems and a hectic schedule, I always try to be friendly to others. Except for assholes, I go out of my way to make other people smile. I will never know what other people are going through, so I try my best to smile and not be a pain in the ass. Today, I have a wonderful time with my daughter. The distanced learning setup affects her productivity. She used to be a star student back then, but now, she is having trouble focusing on her subjects. As any father would, I spent some time with her and sing-along to her favorite songs.

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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