Patreon Post: I am Failing

Hi guys!

A bit of an update today. Lately, I have been thinking if I am selfish for following my dream to become a writer. I am contemplating if I should stop writing and stop dreaming of becoming somebody. Somebody brave enough to follow his heart, yet stupid for believing that he could reach it.

The bank denied my recent appeal for a lower down payment. They are starting to make their move; they have been making house visits lately. We are beginning to lose hope; I am tired of it. I am tired of battling two fronts: the bank and my situation. Now that it is becoming inevitable as the days go by, I wish my Patreon took off. Do not get me wrong; my patrons mean a lot to me. They are the reason why I push myself to keep on writing. I wish I could get more before the bank takes our house. That way, I have something to work with when the day comes.

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One thought on “Patreon Post: I am Failing

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  1. I don’t think you are a nobody, Mr. A. You are a somebody, even if not a world-famous writer. You have thousands of followers, doesn’t that tell you something? You are liked, heck, possibly even loved. I’m really sorry to hear about your housing situation, you did all you could and I am so sorry you did not receive more funds. Take some time to reflect and see this not as a failure on your part, but a reflection of circumstance. Your family were owed money that was not paid, and so you should not have to try to make it appear again. Just let that sink in now. You were failed, you are not a failure. I hope you can work something that will not see you completely homeless. Unfortunately I do not live in the Philippines or even in Asia so I would not be the best person to advise for help, but know that I think of you and I hope that something will work in your favour 🙂

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