What To Do When You Cannot Sleep?

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

We all need sleep. 

We are aware of that information. We need proper nutrition, strenuous exercise, and enough rest to grow. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will not develop. Yet, there are people like me who seemed to have difficulty getting some sleep. 

Ever since my youth, I have had a difficult time sleeping. I could stay up late even as a boy, and it got worst in my adulthood. With all the complexity of adult life, it is natural to lose some sleep with some stuff. I would wake up three in the afternoon and stay up until eight in the morning. I would spend my time working and hope that I could catch a break soon. I would only fall asleep when I exhausted myself.

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Now back to my topic.

With that said, I am not an expert on getting a good night’s sleep. I am excited to write about this topic to offer up my experiences or mistakes about it. The stuff I got wrong and what I did correctly. 

When you are having trouble falling asleep, your first impulse is to take some pills. I have made this mistake back in college. I was desperate to get some sleep that I started taking over the counter sleeping aids. While pills surely help, they also diminish the quality of sleep. You also run the risk of becoming dependent. Before you take anything, consider other options. 

Having a bedtime relaxation routine helped me a lot. A bedtime yoga or a mild cup of tea relaxes me. Another thing that eases my restlessness is to meditate or do breathing exercises. My uneasiness comes from anxiety, anything that soothes my troubled mind helps. 

Snacking on a sandwich or any carbohydrates can also assist in helping you sleep. Studies show that insulin produced from carbohydrates aids in regulating the circadian rhythm. Others claim that carbohydrates increase Tryptophan which induces sleep. Yet, avoid eating a full meal before going to bed.

Finally, avoid staring at your mobile devices. Blue light is the primary culprit of modern-day sleep disruption. Mobile devices emit a lot of blue light enough to exacerbate the restlessness. I am guilty of it. I love working as much as I can, but being in front of the computer all the time worsens my unrest. 

There you have it, a few of my experiences on how to manage sleeplessness. I hope you find it helpful! If you have anything to add, please comment down below. I would love to hear about it and try it on. 

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To courage, freedom, and sleep!

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8 thoughts on “What To Do When You Cannot Sleep?

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  1. Ahh, sleep, if I could drift off naturally and easily, it would be a blessing! For me, I always need something to help me sleep. Be it relaxing music, trickling water from the pump in my fish tank, whatever it is, I need something to listen to that’s not my own inner monologue. That sounds depressing but really it’s not. What I mean by that is, I need something to stop me thinking about how I could have done this better, or how I’ll do that tomorrow. Once I’ve made my to-do list, I know that it is time to rest and so I always put some gentle piano music on to stop my mind having a discussion with itself. It’s surprising how, when we close our eyes and listen to music in the dark, we can quickly begin to dream! I also find it never pays to run from sad dreams. If you feel sadness or anxiety, allow it, it is your minds way of processing unconscious negative feelings that may be keeping you from sleeping. Once your stress is released, it will lead to much better sleep. Just my two cents for you there, Mr A! 🙂

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  2. Great thoughts Mr. A. I try to stay away from my tablet when the night grows late. A bit of TV usually does the trick for me. I should keep a tally sheet on how many nights I fall asleep in front of the tube.


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