TMI Tuesday #117

I missed last week’s TMI. I need to catch up!

What is an ideal weekend for you?

I typically spend my Fridays working. It would be wonderful if I could catch a break soon, grab a beer and relax. In case you have not heard, I am going full-on with my career as a blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur. I have been posting every day to gain more patrons. I also have been active in social media to expand my reach and interact with some of you. To top things off, I recently opened a bookshop and I also began giving out small-term loans to friends. I need to make something out of myself; that is why I keep on pushing. Now, I am already thinking of opening a Filipino BBQ joint. I hope all my work pays off and have a relaxed weekend soon.

What is the craziest job you would consider taking?

Pornstar! Who did not even dream of doing porn?! Oh, maybe it is just me! 

I think it is the craziest job I could consider, and given my situation, I would consider anything. I thought of doing sex work when I heard the news of losing our house. I was desperate at that time, and I still am. I am still pressing on and come up with the money we need in any way I can. It is a terrible situation to be in, but you can make the most of it and deal with it. As a man, all I can do is to keep on fighting until my limbs fall off. 

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Where would you rate yourself as a kisser on a scale of 1 to 10? (10 being the best kisser ever!) 

A whopping 10! I could not even think of becoming a pornstar if I am not a praise-worthy kisser. I could talk all day about how much of a great kisser I am but let us ask my long list of exes for that. 

What do you like most and least about your significant other’s cooking?

As of now, the significant other position is currently vacant. It is a turn-on if my future significant other is an exceptional cook, but I do not mind it that much. I can cook for myself, and I am confident enough that I can feed others with it. 

How has smartphone photography changed your world?

Life-changing! As a content creator, a smartphone is a crucial piece of my everyday routine. I promote my blog with my phone. I also do my social media in it, and I take pictures for my content. There is no escaping the smartphone when you want to succeed in blogging. 

Bonus: What is a good life?

A distinguished life is a worthy life. It is never indulgent, but you always find the courage to carry on. That is what makes up a remarkable life for me.

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