Her Complaints Are Not As Simple As You Think

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Wait a second. Before you call the manager and try to cancel me out, I am not demeaning women in any way, shape, or form. My goal has always been to write about my experience and what I learned from it. If I could teach other men how to deal with life, women, and sex, I would be content.

Now, guys, I am sure we all experienced some difficulty comprehending women. 

Imagine this, one day, you are sitting in front of the TV. You had a rough day at work, so you need to relax. Suddenly, your wife or partner is breathing down your neck. She demands you to clear out the garage for the third time. You keep on forgetting since you have a tedious job that requires your attention. You are tired, so you told her tomorrow you will do what she asks. 

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Now, let us continue!

Since you love your wife, you wake up the following morning to do what she asks. You finished doing your chores, but your wife is still in a foul mood. Now, you are again sitting in front of the TV, thinking about what you did wrong. 

Ladies, before you protest and tell me that I am a sexist or a misogynist bastard. I get it; you are nothing like the woman in the situation. Let me tell you how lucky your husband or partner is for having you. But the thing is, not all men are fortunate to have someone like you. Some of us are dealing with what we have the way we can. 

Now that is clear, let us go back to the guys.

Guys, here is what I need you to grasp – women want to have confidence in their partners. They need to be with someone where they do not have to worry all the time. They must feel love; they need to feel the divine masculine.  

She is not breathing down your neck because you did not clear out the garage. She is angry because she cannot relax in your presence. She has to worry about the stuff you told you would. She has to think about what to make for dinner. She has to take care of the kids if you have them. She does everything and more. 

But deep down inside, what she wants is to feel love and care. She wants to relax in your capacity for love and care. She wants you to shower her with affection. What she wants is to bathe in the essence of the divine masculine. Why else does she challenge your mediocrity?

I know this comes difficult at times. After all, we have other matters to worry about, like our jobs and the bills we have to pay. But always remember this, the next time, she is furious because you did not do what she was asking. All she wants is for you to be the most competent version of yourself. She wants to have confidence in you.

When she asks you to take out the garbage, you will take it out. After all, she is a woman, and she would not settle anything else. 

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To Courage and Freedom, and Women!

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