TMI Tuesday #116

Would I rather? Oh boy, this is going to be tough.

Have sex with someone who never showers or someone who never brushes their teeth?

I can have sex with someone who did not shower or brush their teeth but never once is utterly disgusting. Never is too much for me, and I cannot imagine me having sex with both. If I have to choose who is more pleasant of the two, I pick to have sex with someone who never brushed their teeth. I want to rationalize that I could avoid catching a whiff of their breath. What I cannot take into consideration is how rancid it smells? If I cannot stomach it, I do not think I can.

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Now, let us continue!

Only have sex in the shower for the rest of your life or only have sex on the floor for the rest of your life?

This one is obvious. I love shower sex, so I would not mind it. The floor can be uncomfortable; it can be cold and solid. I am not a fan of having sex on the floor. At least in the shower, you can clean up instantly if you made a mess. I love it dirty, filthy, and messy, so it is an exceptional choice for me.

Cry every time you had sex or burp every time someone kissed you?

Burp every time someone kissed me. I hate crying and crying after sex is a bit overboard. I get it, some people do that, but that is not what I am about that. Some people shed tears to release emotions and prevent them from overflowing. Me, I would concentrate on something, that is why I love shining shoes. If ever I cried after sex, it must be the most mind-blowing fuck I ever had. 

Find out the last person you had sex with was your long-lost cousin or that the person you last had sex with was a brutal serial killer?

Had sex with a brutal serial killer and survived is a damn good story to tell friends. Had sex with a then-unknown long-lost cousin is embarrassing. Knowing she is a cruel serial killer can be scary, but at least you can prepare for it somehow. I would choose to live with a constant risk to safety than live forever with embarrassment. If ever she gets me, people would ask, remember Mr. A? Yeah, he died because of a hook-up. 

Bonus: Would you rather always say what you are thinking or never be able to speak again?

Silence is golden. The time noise is hardly good is when you are trying to distract your opponents. I do not mind not speaking ever again. You might be surprised to know that despite my chosen profession, I barely mingle. You might expect that Mr. A talks a lot. But most of the time, I keep myself to myself. Yes, I converse, and I socialize, but I love the solitude of silence. Plus, speaking your mind does not always turn out well. Some matters are much better left unsaid and do instead of talk. 

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