Cheap Ways To Build Your Wardrobe

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I told you time and time again that presentation is half the battle. You would not eat something that looked like cat vomit. I still have not met any self-respecting man who does not desire to look fantastic. 

I get it; any man can look impeccable in bespoke suits worth thousands of dollars. 

But if you are like me, who makes every bit of cash count, I am sure that you would not splurge on custom-made suits. We have other matters to worry about, like bills to pay and the roof above our heads. We consult our means, not our whims – we make do with what we have.

Any man with a budget restriction can build a modest wardrobe. It would not happen overnight, and it surely would not be effortless, but it is possible. You can assemble head-turning outfits from scratch.

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Now, let us continue with today’s topic!

To help you in achieving the wardrobe of your dreams, here are some guidelines.

Let us be realistic; we cannot splurge on well-known brands since we are on a budget. What we should do instead is to look for the highest quality we could afford. That means looking into lesser-known brands or other alternatives. 

Instead of buying a Rolex, try looking at other brands like Seiko or Invicta. It is not as flashy as a Rolex, but it gets the job done. 

Saw an exceptional jacket on sale that is not your size? Look for your alteration options. A cheap piece of clothing that fits looks more attractive than an expensive one that does not.

You are already saving money when you change the way you look into your clothes.

The thing is, you do not have to shop only at malls and designer shops to look impeccable. You could check out a thrift store near you and get incredible bargains. It is more of a hit or miss sort of thing, but you can find something for yourself. 

Another place I frequent when shopping for clothes is the Internet. You can save money from shopping online if you are wise about it. E-commerce sites like Lazada or Zalora offer deals designed to make you spend your money. Most of them are useless, but you will come across something worth buying. My favorite trick when shopping online is to put them on my wishlist and wait for them to go on sale. 

I also shop at the end of the season. Brands usually clear their inventories at the end of the season and hold discount racks. Those are the items that they did not sell, and they are offering them at a discount to clear them out. Yes, that is how sales work; they cut the price to clear it out of the shelves, not because they care.

I saved money when I decided to get apt with my clothes. My wardrobe revolves around versatile and timeless pieces. If you invest in a core wardrobe, it would be easier to add ascents later on. 

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Ways To Build Your Wardrobe

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  1. I agree that the versatile items in the wardrobe is definitely the way to go. I am forever looking for things on sale or at the “right” price before I decide to take the plunge and purchase the item

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! I usually do not pay full price. I always take note of the price before it goes on sale to know if they are cutting the price off or they are just putting a sale sticker on it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, agreed. The prices always fluctuate and sometimes what seems like a good deal might not be a good deal after all. They might just word it differently and put a sale sign on it to make you think that is it. I’ve seen something on “sale” for $19.99 when the original retail price was like $20.00 😦


  2. Building a capsule wardrobe — consisting of a few staple pieces — also works! You can add more pieces depending on the need. Standard retailers such as Uniqlo have these basic but versatile articles of clothing you can use for both office and casual.


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