TMI Tuesday #114

If you pay someone to do one chore, what would it be?

Nothing. Chores are life’s way of getting your attention. As a solo dad, I have come to enjoy doing my chores. I love cleaning up after my kid, and I like doing our laundry and buying our groceries. I am not phenomenal at doing it, and I cannot finish all the chores in time, but I love every second of it. It makes me, me. 

It is like being Batman. No one likes dressing up like a bat and go out at night beating the shit out of people, but someone has to do it. I do not get heaven or hell; the reward I get for being me is I get to be me.

If I gave you $1,000,000, how much would you give to charity?

I would get the money I need for the house and give up the rest. I am sure you are all well aware of my current situation. I am about to lose my house unless I could cough up 1.4 million pesos, around 29k in USD. I am doing everything I can about it, but that is such a large amount for a short time. That is why I am urging you all to please subscribe to my Patreon; every subscription helps! 

I am raffling off a writing course from Udemy when I reach my Patreon goal for March. It was one of the first investments I made when I was still a budding writer. Please subscribe to my Patreon for a chance to join the raffle. 

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Now, to this week’s TMI!

What is the most annoying thing your (current or past) partner does with the money?

Not annoyed, but I get embarrassed when they buy me gifts. Do not get me wrong, I love receiving gifts, but I always feel guilty when I could not afford to buy them gifts. If they buy me something, it always felt that the money could be put to much better use. I always feel unworthy when someone else has to spend money on me. When they do, I always try to give something back.

I have been busy lately, and I have not updated any of my Patreon content nor reply to some comments. I apologize for that, and I will get back to you as soon as I could. I am reading all your comments; thank you, and please forgive my lack of correspondence.

What is something you bought as a couple but would be embarrassed for your parents to know?

Sex toys, bondage gear, and sexy lingerie! As if other things embarrass me?!

What money-related thing have you hidden from your significant other?

My actual savings. I do not usually disclose how much money I have to my partners, but eventually, I let them in. I also avoid talking about my money-related problems as much as I could. If ever I tell someone about it, I am at the end of my rope, and I needed help.

Bonus: If you received $1,000,000 right now, would you tell people? Why or why not?

No, unless the person who gave the money wants it to be made public. I avoid flaunting money as much as I could; it sends the wrong message to people. But I also can grasp the concept of marketing and public image. If my benefactor wants me to promote their image, I would be glad to oblige. If there any sponsors out there, please sign me up!

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Maraming salamat at mahal ko kayo!

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  1. I’ve always felt embarrassed whenever I got gifts too, ever since I was younger.
    And I would definitely NOT tell a soul if I were lucky enough to win a million dollars. money changes people so it’s best to not say anything. Just keep it, save it, invest it, and just go about my life 😉 Maybe donate a portion to a charity or give some to homeless people

    Liked by 1 person

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