Why Make Enemies, If You Could Make Friends?

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

Every man has a maxim they live by; a man aligns himself to a sort of code. For me, it is to never complain and never explain. It means never unload anything or to anyone unless you can rely on them. It also means do more and talk less.

When I do speak, I make sure that my words are like honey. Not because there is a sweetness to it, but it appeals to the heart and mind. A drop of honey does indeed catch more flies than a gallon of gall.

With a current landscape, it is somewhat effortless to cancel out anything. One wrong move and people will pounce on you like a wounded animal. I should know; some called me out just for asking help. These days, cruelty and savagery prevail, while camaraderie is roughly non-existent. People would willingly make enemies than make friends. The situation is more complicated than ever before. It makes doing righteous deeds much more difficult.

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Now, let us continue with today’s topic!

We are sentimental creatures, and our mistake was to treat ourselves as rational ones. When you hit someone in the face, you cannot expect them to thank you and shake your hand. That is illogical; if you tell anyone they are wrong, then expect them to prove you wrong otherwise.

Virtues are always better than the truth. Being right is fine but being well is superior. You can call somebody idiotic and feel wonderful about it, but what gain would you get from it? You will only stir more anger and more revolt.

Disarm your opponents with a friendly smile. It is always much greater to diffuse a situation than to escalate tension. Do not lose your temper and start unloading your frustrations. I am sure you will have a delightful time voicing your opinions, but not all will share your pleasure. No one will agree much more; enjoy your condescending tone and hostile attitude.

It might surprise you to know that they are not so different than you if you try to understand others. 

If hatred begets hatred, then friendliness sires friendliness. Proving other people wrong might feel fine but making friends will always be a cut above. 

When dealing with other people always approach them as a friend and never as enemies.

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To courage and freedom, and honey!

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