TMI Tuesday #113

Warning: This post is NSFW and for mature readers only. If 18 and below, go have fun somewhere else.

Pick your next sexual encounter. Only pick one, then tell us why that is your choice.

  • Blindfolded during oral sex
  • Sex in a hot tub
  • Sex in an elevator
  • Phonesex
  • Bringing in a third party

Tough one. I hate not seeing, I am an absolute control freak, so I am not fond of getting blindfolded. Sex in a hot tub is delightful, but I am not much into grand romantic gestures. I am reserving that for notable occasions. Sex in an elevator is too risky. As I told you before, I am a control freak. I love taking control and managing risks. I am a fan of phone sex, it gets the job done, but nothing could replace physical touch. Bringing in a third party is every boy’s fantasy, but you and your partner must be on the same page. 

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Now, to this week’s TMI!

To answer, I would go with getting blindfolded during oral sex. I still have not tried it yet, and I am curious to know if it would change my mind. 

When could having sex with an ex be a good thing?

I cannot find it acceptable. It is confusing and stressful. I tried being a booty call for one of my exes, and it did not end well. As it turns out, being a booty call can get quite stressful. My psychological health and self-esteem took a hit. I started to wonder if it is all I am capable of in a relationship. But that is me; if you have a wonderful experience about it, then kudos to you!

Have you ever had sex in a public toilet? No judgment. (Ooh you nasty!)

Nope, not yet. I would love to try. It is one of my sex bucket lists; I always fancy trying that. I know; it is dirty, it is nasty, and it smells, but it is also exhilarating. It sounds weird, and it is. I spent countless times thinking about why I am like this. All I can tell you is that I am unapologetically me.

Car sex is hot or not?

Hot!!!! I love doing it in the car; it is my most favorite place. You could do it virtually anywhere, and there is an undeniable thrill about it. I did it while parked in a busy parking lot. I also did it while parked in front of the beach. Plus, it could get steamy when you turn off the air conditioning. That is some Titanic stuff!

What is the most appealing thing about you?

My appeal is highly subjective. Some find my humor appealing, while others see my physique as attractive. Some imply I got an alluring pair of eyes and a charming smile. I could tell you so much, but I will let you see for yourself when we get to meet. 

Bonus: Some time ago in Geneva, Switzerland, a coffee shop opened where you can get a hot, delicious cup of coffee, with a side of hot, delicious blowjob. That’s right after you order your coffee, you use an iPad to select the sex worker that you want to have given you the blowjob. A – Would you visit this coffee shop? B – Would you get the blowjob?

Get a blowjob, for sure! Who would not like a blowjob?

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6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #113

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  1. 1. Big leap for a control freak. It might really heighten your pleasure.

    2. Depending on how the relationship ended, I can see this being extra challenging and/or stressful.

    3. Lots of people have this fantasy or do this often because it is their turn-on. Not me. I am too much of a germaphobe

    4. I completely agree!

    Have a wonderful week.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. It may be therapeutic for me to finally let go of some of my fears.

      Yeah, I don’t think it is worth the fuzz.

      Really?! I thought I’m just being weird! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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